Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Waiting for 'The Rogue' -- Tucker Carlson has to teach Greta Van Susteren about quotation marks

Whether people really know how to read is a serious question. I expressed some of my concerns with my post, "Waiting for 'The Rogue' -- Do we know how to read?" Now, Tucker Carlson has got into a fight with Greta Van Susteren, who, apparently, doesn't know anything about quotation marks! The story is interesting, because it's a story about how "conservatives" are at each other's throats over what Mike Tyson said about what the National Enquirer reported about what Joe McGinniss' book reported:

Tucker Carlson's website, The Daily Caller, wrote "TheDC Morning: Carlson explains to Van Susteren how quotation marks work" after Carlson's appearance on Van Susteren's show. Mediaite has a story, too: "Tucker Carlson And Greta Van Susteren Tear Each Other Apart Over Mike Tyson Story." Mediaite also has "Mike Tyson Disgraces Himself With Sarah Palin/Glen Rice Race ‘Commentary'," which embeds a video of Tyson's statement, after cautioning its readers about the content. I listened to it, and Tyson may be right about something. He said something like, "Race won't matter when we all look alike."

When my copy of Joe McGinniss' new book, “The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin,” arrives, I may review Chapter 19 right away. Undoubtedly, some will write, "Joe McGinniss said ... ." I suspect that Joe McGinniss is reporting what others have said or written. There is a difference, and I am interested in how he broached the subject of "babygate." I am aware that Chapter 19 should be considered in the context of what has gone before, but how McGinniss broached the subject may not require that context.

Yesterday, there was an e-mail indicating that my copy of the book had shipped. This morning, package tracking says that as of 10:00 AM, in Louisville, Kentucky, there is a "Delay in delivery due to external factors." Could it be that there are so many copies of the book to be delivered that some disorganization got overwhelmed? Good things are worth waiting for, right? Who knows? The book may still arrive today.

Update: Latest tracking status on "The Rogue" is: Arrival Scan - September 20, 2011 11:22:00 AM (In Lousiville, KY). Could it be that there are so many pallets of books on the move that they didn't have enough cargo planes to handle them?

Update: An e-mail from Amazon says, "We're writing to let you know there was a transit delay and the delivery of your package [...] may be delayed by 1 - 2 days. Tracking status indicates that it left Louisville, KY at 4:29 PM. I'll have to see about getting the $4.99 deliver-it-on-the-20th-shipping-fee reduced or refunded.


Sarah Vs. Sarah said...

GVS is an absolute moron.


Anonymous said...

Can't stand either one of these two. Enjoyed seeing GVS lose her cool.
So sick of the way she has given Sarah Palin a platform to spew her hateful rhetoric. GVS is a shameful sycophant of Sarah Palin's.


Anonymous said...

I haven't laughed that hard in a while! GVS is such a moron.