Saturday, September 24, 2011

Palin Family Circus News -- Saturday, September 24, 2011

In the afterburn of image blistering stories of the Palins' infidelity, before and after marriage, Perez Hilton has learned that a dating site has offerred a $1 Million dollar reward for Sarah and Todd Palin to take a lie detector test. Are they up to it? Hilton writes:
While we'd LOVE to see Sarah be put under oath this way and forced to tell the truth, there is hardly a chance she will go through with this. She still has some dignity that she is clinging onto for dear life. She can't afford to give that up so easily.

Besides - one million bucks? She'll make that doing another season of Alaska with TLC … and she can lie all she wants!

Yesterday saw the release of what might have been a fun video of Bristol Palin riding the mechanical bull at West Hollywood's Saddle Ranch Chop House. But what might have been fun turned nasty, very nasty, after Bristol picked herself up off the floor. Now, there is an attempt to control the damage: "Bristol Palin's Rep Says She's Not A Homophobe," from Cinema Blend, comments on what Palin's rep told TMZ. TMZ has been very busy with this story: they released the video and didn't find it difficult to track down the "heckler," Stephen Hanks. It's unlikely that either Bristol or Hanks will ever recover from the damage they've done to themselves. "Bristol gets bucked by a bull, then the fireworks start" has the video, along with my opinion of it.

Joe McGinniss' book cites some interesting sources; for example, McGinniss writes, "a friend of Todd's confirms," and "Sarah's brother, Chuckie, confided to a friend in Anchorage."


Anonymous said...

TMZ didn't find it difficult to track down the heckler because the the producers of Bristol's reality show had his contact information back at their office, it would have been included with the rest of his paperwork. They aren't allowed to film him without written consent so his contract should have been very easy to locate.

Martha again said...

There's another video around, I think also TMZ, where he's interviewed the next day and says he'd do the same thing again.