Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Uh-Oh. CNN poll suggests Palin's "bag of tricks may well be empty," and WaPo's Chris Cillizza said so. Will he be sued?

Here is Sarah "Hamlet" Palin, considering whether to run or not to run ... whether to sue or not to sue. She's got a lot of decisions to make. It takes a long time for her to decide.

Something that may help her decide is today's Washington Post's The Fix column, which states, in part, in "Sarah Palin, second-tier candidate:"

Amid the “will she or won’t she” speculation about former Alaska governor Sarah Palin’s 2012 presidential plans, one important thing seems to be getting lost: Palin is simply not a top-tier candidate.

New numbers from a CNN/Opinion Research poll confirm it. In a hypothetical 2012 Republican primary, Palin stood at 7 percent — tied with businessman Herman Cain and Texas Rep. Ron Paul, neither of whom are considered anything but the longshots for the nomination.

She trails frontrunning Texas Gov. Rick Perry by 21 points and second-place finisher Mitt Romney wins three times the support Palin does in the poll.

And the bad news doesn’t stop there. Just 51 percent of self-identified Republicans in the poll said that Palin has the “personality” and leadership qualities a president should have” — well below the number who said the same of Perry (73 percent) and Romney (83 percent).

With electability rising as a concern among Republican voters, the fact that she trails President Obama by 21 points in a head-to-head matchup — the largest margin of any GOP candidate — is yet more bad news for Palin. ...

... One poll is, well, one poll. But Palin’s numbers haven’t been particularly strong in quite some time — we wrote that she had reached a political tipping point way back in April — and Perry’s entrance into the contest has further complicated Palin’s path to top-tier status.

Palin has shown a tremendous capacity to surprise during her three-plus years on the national stage. But, the CNN poll suggests that her bag of tricks may well be empty — or close to it.

She's got to decide soon. Has indecisiveness ever been something voters look for in a president?


margaret said...

Odd. She didn't have a problem deciding in 2008 when she claimed she didn't blink when asked to run for VP. Did she use up all her decider brain cells back then?

Anonymous said...

Glad you mentioned that Margaret - been wondering same thing. But of course back in 2008, she wasn't yet a "celebrity" and didn't have to be so concerned about maintaining her millionaire status. Of course she didn't blink - it was her chance and she'd known it since she had earlier met McCain and his people and planned her strategy. It was her "open door" as she likes to say.

Anonymous said...

She used up all her brain cells during 2008 when she was figuring out which child to trot out when. She has been like a robot on Fox: Ailes hands her the talking points, and she reads them. Now that the books are out, she is scrambling to raise as much money as she can before she is either arrested for fraud or simply fades into the Alaskan sunset along with her uneducated clan.

Anonymous said...

The inherent problem of course is that Sarah and her followers genuinely believe that despite normal convention, poll numbers or any historical data to the contrary, all she has to do is announce she's running and the world population will do a 180 and rally behind her.

It is such a huge fantasy - you can see it in all the comments at O4p, C4p and Facebook - it's almost like a separate religion. "Have faith and she will run - don't falter now we're almost there - she knows what she's doing - be patient and all will be revealed..."

The polls mean nothing to her. the fantasy is that she will rise above the mortal veil and ldeliver her people from evil.

AJ Billings said...

$ister $arah's record:

Elected Mayor of Wasilla, and left office with 21 Million in debt

Quit as Oil & Gas commissioner

Cited by Alaskan legislator for ethics violation

Failed VP candidate, while spewing divisive partisan filth.

Quit her sworn office as Governor, not because of "ethics" charges, but because she hated the job, as evidenced in her emails. What about "don't retreat reload"?

Endorsed the insane hag named Sharron Angle for Senate in Nevada, and the witch named Christine O'donnell. They both lost, ensuring the Senate stayed under Democratic leadership.