Thursday, September 29, 2011

BREAKING!!! Joe McGinniss' book to debut at #10 on NY Times bestseller list!

I was in a Target store, this morning, and saw Joe McGinniss' book “The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin” on the bestseller, nonfiction shelves. I thought about driving back with a camera, but thought, "Nah, why burn a gallon of gas?"

No matter! Salon's Dave Weigel has posted "Palin Book Round-Up: McGinniss Sells, Johnston Flops," in which he writes, "Now that the books have been out for a week, we have a better idea of how they're selling. According to the New York Times's books reporter Julie Bosman, The Rogue will debut at #10 on the paper's nonfiction list, making it McGinniss's first bestseller in more than a decade. According to Nielsen BookScan, McGinniss moved 6,000 copies in the first week."

Weigel didn't provide a link, so I checked Julie Bosman's articles at the NY Times and found nothing. Aha! It's something she tweeted:

Don't believe it? -- screencaps can be faked -- see what she tweeted.


nancydrew said...

Certainly leaves the aggrieved commenters from McGinniss' blog in a pickle, doesn't it? The comical boycott they organized was certainly effective.

Maybe you missed that Joie. Quite amusing, canceling orders right and left. They didn't care for Joe's 'attitude.' I thought he was immensely patient.

Joie Vouet said...

nancydrew, It's too bad some won't buy the book. Joe McGinniss had the resources to interview a lot of people, and, apparently, he's likable enough to be able to develop a rapport with the people he talks with. He may not have got as far with Glen Rice as he did if just called him and asked directly, "Did you have sex with Sarah Palin?

Deennaa said...

I knew that book was going to sell and sell good. He already proved his talent in all his previous books. He's no fly-by-night. I said it once (on his blog) and I'll say it again: Joe McGinniss is one of the best non-fiction writers in this country; notwithstanding all naysayers and those who would "kill the messenger" and ignore the crucial message.