Friday, September 2, 2011

Great Expectations -- 'Pit Bull' attempting a comeback -- World waiting with 'bated breath

From CNN:

Des Moines, Iowa (CNN)
-- Sarah Palin's speech to an Iowa tea party rally on Saturday will come on the three-year anniversary of her memorable address to the Republican National Convention in 2008, when she became GOP vice presidential nominee and an instant conservative darling.

Much has changed since then.

After the GOP ticket went down in defeat, Palin returned to Alaska and shocked Republicans by leaving the governor's mansion the following summer.

After a period in the wilderness (at times literally), she re-emerged and transformed herself into a curious amalgam of tea party firebrand, global celebrity, Facebook prognosticator, reality television star and, of course, potential presidential contender.

Now in the final stages of deciding on whether to embark on that White House bid, Palin plans to use her Iowa speech to revisit the themes of that convention address that made her a star. ...

CNN's post goes on to say:

... [A] source said Palin is attempting to burnish her image as an outsider and a reformer, reminding the audience of her record in Alaska and specifically highlighting her battles against what she called the state's corrupt Republican political class that was in cahoots with the oil and gas industry.

Palin plans to unleash a furious criticism of "crony capitalism" and attack the "permanent political class" in both parties: thinly veiled criticisms of Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who has surged to the top of most polls for the Republican presidential nomination. ...

Apparently, Palin has paid someone to write a speech for her. Her speech to the 2008 Republican Convention was written by Matthew Scully, a former speechwriter for George Bush. We rarely learn anything of what the speaker believes or thinks from such speeches. More often, this sort of speech is calibrated to appeal to particular demographic groups, so we may hear something with an appeal to the aggrieved. It is, after all, a Tea Party of America event.

But in order to make a successful comeback, Palin will have to persuade the 74% of Americans who think she shouldn't run in 2012 (just 20% think she should). And her attempt is made more difficult by the fact that 62% of white evangelical Christians and 66% of Tea Party members think she should not run. How will she turn them around? How will she get anything more than a short-term bounce in the polls?

Her pose as a reformer, an outsider fighting corruption, is belied by her record as Alaska's governor. Sure, Palin pushed pigs away from the trough ... so she and her cronies could have it all to themselves: The Bridge to Nowhere, Troopergate, Matanuska Maid Dairy, ... . And let's not forget the tax increases, earmarks, and Permanent Fund Dividend largesse (do I smell a socialist?) ... all part of Palin's record as Governor. And don't believe that government debt bothers Palin one bit: she left the city of Wasilla deeply in debt.

Note: The poll numbers are from a recent Fox News (no less) poll -- article here.


Anonymous said...

O'Donnell was removed from the speaking program at the request of the Palin team, one of the rally's organizers, Ken Crow, told the Des Moines Register.
The Palin source said O'Donnell's representatives had misled the tea party group about the extent of the governor's relationship with O'Donnell.
O'Donnell's representatives told event organizers that she would be in Iowa on the date of the rally and would like to come by and "say hi" to Palin, the source said. O'Donnell was then added to the speaking agenda.
The source said O'Donnell aides lied to organizers and said Palin had been communicating via text message with O'Donnell about the rally.
"The governor hasn't spoken to her in a year," the Palin source said of O'Donnell.

Oh, Christine, what did you do?

A perfect example of good Christian women leading by example and demonstrating those 'Family Values'.
Really, Sarah? You will blow off loyal supporters who've given until it hurts to keep you in the game, driving thousands of miles to see you, believe with absolute certainty that you are pre-destined by God to lead this country.
You will ditch them because you don't want to share a microphone with a woman who isn't much of a threat to begin with. I thought this was supposed to be about a Servant's Heart, and making change, lifting up the little people against Big Government?
But it's not, is it? It's all about YOU and what YOU want.

nancydrew said...

Maybe someone should just do what had to be done on Election Eve when they turned out the lights to keep her from giving her concession speech. Here's another report of the party lights being dimmed. And another expressive Sarah photo. (I like your choice too Joie). :-)

Bated, indeed.

nancydrew said...

And the prize-winning photo is at Immoral Minority . I know this is unkind, but she and McCain et al. made it all about her "appeal." Big mistake. And majorly sexist and insulting. Never to be forgotten nor forgiven.

Good heavens GOP. How are y'all going to recover from this appalling and embarrassing retro stuff? Not in my lifetime I pray. btw -- She stiffed you. Dopes.

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder if the TP organizers aren't lying about O'Donnell to cover themselves. She clearly tweeted about changing here flight in order to go to Iowa. I am not a fan of hers by any means but why would she put that out there for everyone to see if she or her staff were telling the TP organization that she was scheduled to be in Iowa that day?

Palin never wants to share the spotlight, especially now that she's sinking faster with each passing day in all the polls. When Palin is upset with someone for allegedly lying, you just can't help but laugh at the hypocrisy considering her legendary fairy tales she has told and the repeated lies she has been caught in over the years.

Joie Vouet said...

Anonymous 6:57 PM,

You may be right. A lot of that article was informed by a Palin source. They wanted to pitch the speech and may have wanted to blame O'Donnel for their lack of organization. Whatever, O'Donnel joins others run over by Palin's bus.

LIZ said...

Pit bull MY ARSE,,,

Are pit bulls thin skinned?

Are pit bulls afraid of confrontation?

Are pit bulls inclined to give up a fight?

Quitty pants is no more a pit bull than my toy poodle.

Please lets not encourage the lie that quitty pants had a backbone or the stamina to actually complete anything, let alone a term as an elected official, or, gasp, a parent taking her kids on ~vacation~... LOL...

Pit bull my ASS...