Thursday, September 29, 2011

Recent reviews of Nick Broomfield's film "Sarah Palin: You Betcha!" are generally positive

Several positive reviews of Nick Broomfield's film, "Sarah Palin: You, Betcha!" have recently appeared. Here is an excerpt -- in italics -- of one from msnbc, chosen mainly because it's a good backgrounder and somewhat of a linkfest:

The Frommer's travel guidebook on Alaska describes the city of Wasilla as “the worst kind of suburban sprawl of highway-fronting shopping malls and gravel lots.” With a population of about 8,000, it's also filled with an abundance of churches and, oddly enough, has the distinction of being the state meth capital despite its citywide ban on strip clubs. But in Nick Broomfield's new documentary, Sarah Palin: You Betcha!, the city more closely resembles Twin Peaks, with its most popular resident, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, serving the role of the malefic killer BOB, having brainwashed her former constituents into believing she's someone worthy of their undying admiration.

Things began innocently enough. Broomfield and his co-director, Joan Churchill, moved to a house in Wasilla and were invited into the homes of many of Palin's acquaintances and family members—including that of her parents, Chuck and Sally Heath.

“We tried incredibly hard to ingratiate ourselves to Sarah Palin and her family,” said Broomfield in an interview. “I didn't go out there in any way whatsoever to do a hit piece on her. We were like the best-behaved Boy Scouts there could be.”

The title of the film comes from a promise the Tea Party figurehead and former vice presidential candidate made to Broomfield at a book signing when he requested an interview, but it soon became readily apparent that Palin was just leading the filmmakers on. ...

... Broomfield is known for his in-your-face filmmaking style, which has influenced Michael Moore and Morgan Spurlock, among others. He's often depicted ambushing subjects in his films clutching a sound boom with a tape recorder dangling from his neck. The cheeky Brit's most famous documentaries include Kurt & Courtney, in which he suggested that Courtney Love drove Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain to suicide, and Biggie & Tupac, which supported the popular theory that the LAPD was in on the rappers' murders.

“I'm very drawn to these subjects that have a bigger reflection of the world and the society we live in,” said Broomfield. “In this particular one, it's this evangelical politician who is very much reflective of a Michele Bachmann or a Rick Perry, and who is unfortunately very representative of where the Republican Party is going, and the diminishing separation of church and state, which I think is one of the most dangerous things that could happen in this country.” ...

“[Sarah Palin's] irrational way of dealing with people, and the way she gets rid of people and makes them enemies, should have people thinking twice,” said Broomfield. ...

The review ends with quotes of several of Nick Broomfield's remarks: '“The Rick Perrys and the Sarah Palins have created this romantic fiction of a piece of American history that never existed that people have bought into,” said a fired-up Broomfield. “Until the liberals come up with their own equivalent, and come up with their own heroes, and actually have the balls to stand up and argue their beliefs in a consistent way in terms of a larger political framework, the Perrys, Bachmanns, and Palins are going to be very powerful, and I think the country will go into a very dark period—both within the country, in terms of the dwindling middle class, and the world stage.”'

Although I'll go to see Nick Broomfield's film, I disagree with his assessment of voters, because the Perrys, Bachmanns, and Palins have a problem: electability. The "romantic fiction" these people have created isn't a mainstream, majority view. Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann are being pilloried, everyday. Rick Perry is going to have to answer for some of the things he wrote in his book "Fed Up!" which was written when he thought he wouldn't run, and about which he told ABC News, "If there is a better signal of my plans for the future of not running for the presidency of the United States, it's this book," Perry said last November. "Anyone running for the presidency is not going to go take on these issues with the power that I do." In the end, it's a matter of confidence in the country's voters. People who don't have any confidence in the voters will feel afraid. Let's hope that they're not too scared or too lazy to vote.

Yet another review is Cinespect's "Q&A with Award-Winning Documentarian Nick Broomfield," which is an in-depth interview that clearly separates the interviewer's questions and Nick Broomfield's responses. Recommended!

And, yet another review is The New York Observer's "Northern Exposure? You Betcha!"

The msnbc review, excerpted above, is "The Documentary Palin Will Hate."

I think the film will recoup its production costs, at least, then go on to be an important film, if Sarah Palin dares to throw her wig in the ring.

The film's poster was found here, at IMDb.

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