Friday, September 23, 2011

Bristol gets bucked by a bull, then the fireworks start -- VIDEO

Ever wanted to go clubbing with Bristol Palin? It could be fun, but then it could turn nasty.
Here is the NSFW (language) video. Bristol rides alright until about the 1:40 mark, and then ...

Apparently, someone with a video camera knew Bristol would be there. Was it a setup? Who got setup? A good publicity video, from Bristol's point of view would have ended with her getting up after being bucked off the bull. Afterward, neither Bristol nor her antagonist come across as fun people to be with.

TMZ has a story "Bristol Palin Attacked By Heckler 'YOUR MOTHER'S A WHORE'." Apparently, Bristol's filming a new reality show, which explains the camera. So, there was a setup script. Will this entire scene or part(s) of it end up on the cutting room floor? A lot can happen in the editing room. In fact, movies wouldn't be very interesting if it weren't for the "magic" that happens in the editing room.

The bull ride by itself is fun and interesting to watch, and it shouldn't really need any editing at all, unless they want to make Bristol out to be some sort of champion mechanical bull rider. Is there any glory in that? Actually, she rode the bull very well, and, the end, the part where the bull starts swiveling around fast and knocks her off, may be the best part. Who wouldn't get knocked off? That makes it more "real," if that's what reality shows are about.

There is an air of unreality about the confrontation, in my opinion.

Update: Huffington Post has posted "Bristol Palin On A Mechanical Bull At Sunset Strip."

Update: Bristol rode the bull at The Saddle Ranch Chop House. Here, in some Saddle Ranch publicity material, it's said, 'Saddle Ranch and its infamous mechanical bull have been featured on countless shows including "Sex and the City," "Desperate Housewives," "American Idol," "Six Feet Under," "VH1’s Rock of Love" and numerous more.'

Update: TMZ has "Bristol Palin Heckler: I'd Do It Again!" It didn't take them long to find him.


Joie Vouet said...

It's possible that Bristol's "antagonist" is part of the script. He doesn't argue very well: When Bristol accuses him of being gay, he might have asked something like, "What if I am? What would that have to do with it?"

"Palin, Inc" seems to have gone off-message here, or have they exhausted the possibilites of the "You're a pedophile" argument? It's become trite.

Anonymous said...

While he described $P correctly, there was no call to say that where they were, spoiling the evening for most people in the room.

When I go out, the last thing I want to hear is someone shouting language like that just to start trouble.

Martha again said...

Most of me feels extremely sorry for Bristol for having to deal with horrible, horrible insults to her mother like that. It's a terrible way to have to learn not to go into bars and make a sexual spectacle of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Her mother told her to do whatever she had to to keep the series which is endangered by dullness.

Bristol loves confrontation, just like mom. Adrenalyn rush.

So she is another snooki. Reality show fodder.

They are rubbing their hands. Bristol defends mom. She loves the confrontation. Goes into a gay bar, gets heckled after riding the bull. The guy says did you Ride Levi like that? and she is set to rumble.

Anonymous said...

Don't live out there to say, but is or isn't it a Gay bar?
If it is, then wtf is Bristol doing by going to a Gay bar to ride a mechanical bull for in the first place?

2ndly- What's the purpose of her little outting?

Nan C said...

The guy was out of line. Period.

A LOT of people have issues with Sarah Palin (I'm one of many), but that behavior was beyond the pale.

Joie Vouet said...

Anon 10:42,

I've never been there, but doubt that it's a gay bar. It's a chain restaurant. They promote themselves as a "destination," "rock meets western" place where people can do more than eat ... like ride the mechanical bull ... .

The Saddle Ranch's website.

Anonymous said...

She'll never replace Debra Winger.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah did ya see that!

When the mechanical bull threw Bristol it proved a scientific point.


Anonymous said...


WHEW…. For a minute I thought I was going to see a video of Todd Palin telling Bristol her mother is a whore!

Anonymous said...

Bristol this is your cosmetic surgeon and I advise you not to ride anymore mechanical bulls..... it might break your plastic chin.

Anonymous said...

Poor Bristol, her crappy reality show tested so poorly with the focus groups she was forced to manufacture drama just to drum up public interest. It figures she would play the "Palin hater" card to make her life seem interesting. But this non talented, non practicing abstinence spokesperson doesn't have anything else to offer the general public so she's forced to play the innocent victim again and again!! Hey, it worked very well for her on DWTS! Is anyone really surprised to see Bristol using the same old tired routine again? "People hate my mom, I'm an innocent victim, I'll fight back! Now that I've given you a reason to like me, watch my show!" This is the same Bristol Palin that was worried about Levi going all "Hollywood" and using her child and her family to earn pay check! Hypocrite! Like mother, like daughter!

Anonymous said...

why is an underage girl in a bar if not for a set up?

There is no way she could have known who said anything since she was ass over head when the comment was made.

Of course this is all fake - most likely by the people running the fake reality show.

The 'gay' was a paid actor.