Tuesday, September 6, 2011

'Lou Sarah, light of my life, fire in my belly.'

The Washington Post's Alexandra Petri poignantly writes:
I think Sarah Palin and I are finally over.

Admittedly, I say that every time.

Telling someone that you’re done with Sarah Palin is like telling them that you’re finally calling it quits with cigarettes, alcohol, gratuitous references to “Moby Dick” or hunting the White Whale. It is not a remark that inspires any confidence.

But it’s all been downhill since the “blood libel.”

That’s not a sentence I thought I’d ever have to type, and it tells you how bad things have gotten.

I haven’t had anything new to say for months. I just compose Mad Libs around her name using words like “caribou” and “gormless.”

And Google Trends don’t lie. ...
More can be read at Alexandra Petri's post, "Brokeback Palin." Mad Libs is a word game. "Gormless" is an adjective meaning brainless.

Alexandra Petri's post has some affinities with Margaret Carlson's post, "Like Dog Days of Summer, Palin Is Fading Away," which disclosed that Sarah Palin's core constituency isn't tea partiers, isn't republicans ... it's the media. The public has lost interest in her, so the media has lost its easy-story cash cow. There are still some Palin stories appearing, but everyone must be asking, "What will we write about, now?"

From yesterday's appearance in New Hampshire, you can get an idea of Sarah Palin's fading star power from these photos at daylife. She must be thinking, "Where have all my fans gone?" The horror. Her expression reminds me of one in a painting of the damned on the Sistine Chapel's ceiling.

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