Sunday, September 4, 2011

Palin's core constituency is -- wait for it -- the media!

Bloomberg View columnist Margaret Carlson writes:
... What’s left of Palin’s core constituency -- the media -- showed up on a slow news weekend to chronicle her soap opera histrionics, operational anarchy and rock-ribbed narcissism. But it’s hard to keep running on the fumes of old celebrity. Having failed to finish a single term as governor, master any policy issues, or build a competent organization, she is noted largely for the fun stuff -- looking good and appearing on television, both on her travelogue show and within the safe ideological cocoon of Fox News. She cheered her daughter Bristol on “Dancing with the Stars.” She gives lucrative speeches to friendly audiences. She got rich in a Paris Hilton kind of way, and now finds herself ridiculous in much the same vein. ...

... Palin has lost her mojo. She is no longer the singular fixation of the Tea Party, and no longer a candidate who registers high enough in national polls to be taken seriously. She has learned how to run toward a camera, but not how to run for office, and she will be left behind if she tries.

If there is anyone left who wants to wager that Palin will become president, I’ll bet an all-expense-paid trip to Alaska. If she loses, I’ll take a trip to someplace warm.
Margaret Carlson's post is "Like Dog Days of Summer, Palin Is Fading Away."

"Margaret Carlson is a former White House correspondent for TIME, where in 1994 she became the magazine's first woman columnist. A former editor at The New Republic, she appeared on CNNs "Capital Gang" for 15 years." -- Bloomberg


Anonymous said...

I'd think if she were running, she'd have announced so she could be a part of the GOP dog and pony show that is deMint's 'debate.' This debate would be right up her back back and forth, no questions from cagey moderators...just 21 minutes (21?) to tell your life story and your policy plans. Gosh, with 8 of them, this will be really enthralling TV, huh? But then, the GOP can't be bothered with pesky things like the truth...they will run the person they think can beat this President. IOKIYAR....morals and integrity optional.

Joie Vouet said...

A conservative commenter has called Indianola, "The fizzle in the drizzle."

The 4p organizations could only get 2000 (estimating, liberally) people to show? How many were media? How many local Iowans?

Palin's plan to eliminate corporate taxes got some attention from other Rep. candidates on the Sunday shows: Huntsman calls it a "political bromide;" Bachmann says she might agree, but would want to debate the idea first.

Anonymous said...

What a terrible mother, to get her 14 minutes of fame she dragged her children and family through the mud with her.

You talked about her core group is the media, this poor excuse for a mother can't even get her non-combat combat vet son on board her train wreck to hell.

Sarah Palin had to toot her own horn of lies with SP's Alaska and her propaganda books but the internet has recorded for history the lies and con jobs of Sarah, Todd and the whole clan. That is ridicule no money can wash away.

Anonymous said...

Well, the "rill" Americans were saying this all along...remember Mary Maitlin claiming Palin was brilliant for quitting, whilst she was helping Palin get a book deal. Now Bailey, he confirmed what we all knew, that she was all mirrors no smoke. He told us they knew who in the media would carry her water for her. Sarah the great
manipulator, enabled by a greedy media. Bloggers did a better job of vetting her than the lamestream media and how quick they were to try to bury the bloggers. Huffington Post,nary a negative comment there,oh let's protect those precious clicks. Ah yes, Palin's flying monkeys, how quick they were on every one who uttered a negative. Did the media ever report that they were paid to do so e.g RAM.

The world kept laughing at us for allowing Sarah to dumb down America. Why not just get a Sharpie to write on your hand. But most dishearting, the media allowed her to spew her hate and bile and divide America.

She knew she had the media after the VP debate. A coward media said she had done so good.

MaCain picked her as a pretty face and the media gaved her the mirror.

Thank God the majority did not buy her or the media.