Friday, September 9, 2011

One of Mama Grizzly's Cubs won't endorse Jon Huntsman

Yesterday, Thursday, South Carolina's governor Nikki Haley said that she won't be endorsing Jon Huntsman's bid for the republican presidential nomination. Haley told Laura Ingraham:
"Naturally, I am going to go with someone that philosophically I agree with, and Jon Huntsman is not it."
Was it something Huntsman said? There was a republican debate the night before. Huntsman stood on a stage full of know-nothings, and this is what The New York Times reported about his remarks:
Just one candidate, former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, defended climate research and warned that voters won't elect a Republican who ignores scientific findings.

"When you make comments that fly in the face of 98 out of 100 climate scientists, to call into question the science of evolution, all I am saying is that in order for the Republican Party to win, we can't run from science," Huntsman said. "By making comments that basically don't reflect the reality of the situation, we turn people off."
"You can't run from science," but it appears as though South Carolina's governor and all but one of the candidates for the republican nomination want to run from it, and it's quite possible that Jon Huntsman's candidacy for the republican nomination is doomed if republican primary voters are know-nothings, too.

CNN has "TRENDING: Haley rules out Huntsman endorsement," and The New York Times has "Huntsman Warns That GOP Can't Win the White House by Denying Climate Science."


Anonymous said...

Huntsman is not doomed. He is running for the 2016 election, not 2012. He's developing name recognition at this point.

He's handsome, he's well-spoken and he's educated. He will most likely be the 2016 nominee.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Anon at 8:06. By the time 2016 rolls around, the tea baggers will have dried up and blown away. That leaves the field wide open for the likes of Huntsman and that nutbag Huckabee. I think by then the GOP (whatever is left of it) will be so worn out by religiousity that they will reject the Xtian shit bag Huck and go with the much saner choice of Huntsman.
The only caveat is the burning question Huntsman needs to be asked out right... IF a vote came before him that the president of the LDS rejects, would he agree to it or reject it according to his religious beliefs.
You must know that the president of the LDS is like a prophet, think Abraham, Moses, etc. If Huntsman rejects his president's teachings, his immortal soul is in severe danger. He will be denied direct communication with God and his own planet (I know, I know crazy shit but there it is). A lot of people do not know that about the Mormon religion and so far no one I have seen has mentioned this to either Huntsman or Romney. They need to be asked the same questions JFK was asked in regards to the Pope in Rome.

Anonymous said...

There's more to this story and it's personal, just like a Mama Grissly. You see, Haley gave Huntsman rave reviews UNTIL Huntsman recently hired former S.C. Board of Economic Advisors (BEA) chairman John Rainey. Rainey has called Haley "the most corrupt governor in South Carolina history" and is conducting numerous investigations into Haley's administration.

She is truly a "Mama Grissly", good luck South Carolina.

nancydrew said...

@1st Anon 8:25. Huntsman is about as secular a Mormon as you will find. He won't run away from his heritage as Romney has done. And by 2016, the Mormons will have become more familiar to more voters. Hell, the new president of the University of Washington is a Mormon descendant of Brigham Young who left the University of Utah because he tired of fighting with the state legislature, most recently over the issue of "concealed carry on campus". He vehemently opposed it so now he's in Seattle with a population of liberals, gays, techies, greens and a huge medical school. They believe in science there. Huntsman is that same kind of pragmatic.

Anonymous said...

If I were a Republican - I think Huntsman to be best of the lot!!! I'm surprised he is not at head of the pac over Perry and Bachman especially.