Sunday, November 28, 2010

'Thanks for changing the subject for me' -- Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin's America by Heart is selling for 50% off at Amazon:

It has been on Amazon's Top 100 list for 14 days and is in 16th place, going down:

President Obama's book is also discounted 50%, but has been on the Top 100 list for 21 days and is in 17th place, going up:

Here are a few other differences between the books:
President Obama's book was written for kids and is Amazon's bestselling children's book.

The President's book has 4+ stars; Sarah Palin's has 3 stars.

The profits from Obama's book go to a scholarship fund for military children with a parent who has been killed or disabled; the profits from Palin's book go into her pockets.

Something the two books have in common is that deals for both of them were negotiated by D.C. attorney Robert Barnett. Barnett's work as "literary agent" to politicians was profiled in a Washington Post article, here.

But President Obama isn't touring his book; Palin is. The NY Times reported about Palin's visit to West Des Moines, Iowa, yesterday:
... [A]fter signing more than 500 books, Ms. Palin left her table to approach the stragglers who had been told they had arrived too late. With a beaming smile, she patiently signed more books and urged the crowd to watch her show the next night.

And she sidestepped a question from a reporter about when she would decide to run. “Oh my goodness!” she said.

Then another person asked for her autograph. “Thanks for changing the subject for me,” she said.
Palin would like to string us along a while longer, but risks being left behind, like a coy girl whom a boy is feeling out about going to a dance. The Des Moines Register reported, in "Sarah Palin's 'star power' alone isn't enough," "While Palin has not given a time frame for her decision, Pawlenty and others have said they plan to announce their decisions in early 2011." The bestseller Game Change tells of what the candidates went through in Iowa, in 2008. Any of them that came close to winning there had to get organized and do a lot of work; two things Sarah Palin isn't famous for. You can read from the book, here, at Amazon. Try typing iowa into the search box.

America by Heart is being read and commented upon at The Mudflats. So far, four posts have been written. The first is here. Others can be found by typing america by heart into Mudflats' search box.

More information concerning the financials of President Obama's book can be read in Lynn Sweet's "Obama's Book for Kids, 'Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters,' Due in November" at Politics Daily.

Well! After years of throwing cans and reading Taco Bell wrappers, I'll have my ghostwriter show me some "comparison and contrast." Is this all it is?

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