Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Palin Family Circus News - Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Washington Post's TV Column, written by Lisa de Moraes, explains Bristol Palin's success on Dancing With the Stars. The show is very popular now, and about four times as many people watched DWTS than watched Sarah Palin's Alaska.

Monsters and Critics called last night's first dance a "raunchy Pasodoble," and noted that afterward Judge Carrie Ann Inabe hugged Bristol and told her she had "nailed it." Ms Inabe's explanation for Bristol's success, before last night's episode, can be viewed at People.

That's raunchy?

In a remark that may explain the outcome of the recent midterm election, The TV Column states:
What if Bristol wins? This question was just a laugh line until last week when she made it to the semi-finals. If the very thought seems an outrage, Green [DWTS' Executive Producer] offers an outlet: "It's a very simple solution: Mobilize to vote for someone else." Green said he's been astonished when he's encountered people angry about seeing so much of the Palins on this edition of the show, "and I ask who they voted for and they say, 'No one'."
Anyway, The TV Column reminds us, "Tuesday night, viewers will find out if Bristol is going to make it to next week's final round; the winner of the coveted yet hideous Mirror Ball Trophy will be announced next Tuesday."

Update: November 16, 2010: CBS News reports that Bristol is going to the finals on DWTS,

November 17, 2010: The Washington Post's Lisa de Moraes has new comments, here. Her post includes news of the man who shot his TV after learning that Bristol had made it to the finals!

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