Monday, November 29, 2010

Palin Family Circus News - Monday, November 29, 2010

Eat your hearts out, "haters!" PopEater's Rob Shuter, the guy who broke the story of Sarah Palin's lobbying to have Christine O'Donnell appear on DWTS, next season, who writes its Naughty but Nice column, has this to say:

Bristol Palin didn't technically win 'Dancing With the Stars' last week, but financially, the 20-year-old mom is paso doble-ing all the way to the bank.

"Bristol made over $345,000 from being on the show and currently is getting $35,000 for each speaking gig she does," an insider reveals to me. "Yet, all that is going to feel like pocket change if one or two of the big deals she's currently working on actually happens." ...

Barbara Walters has revealed 8 of the 10 people on her Most Fascinating People list. Sarah Palin is among them, along with the cast of "Jersey Shore." Last year, First Lady Michelle Obama was Walters' most fascinating person, despite Sarah Palin's presence on the list. In order to increase the suspense, two people on this year's list haven't yet been named. Entertainment Weekly has a story, which has a link to 2009's list.

The LA Times' "Decoding 'Sarah Palin's Alaska': Spoiled by family love" is a review of last night's episode.

Becaue it was an obtrusion, I've moved the part of the post, which was between the PopEater and Entertainment Weekly stories, to this place.

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