Friday, November 5, 2010

Republicans: Sarah Palin Is A Joke

Sarah Palin is being blamed by Republicans for their failure to gain a majority in the U.S. Senate. Politico noticed Roll Call Executive Editor (and Fox News contributor) Mort Kondracke's remarks at a midterm election review meeting, which was held in D.C.'s Ronald Reagan Building, which is considered Sacred Ground by the likes of Sarah Palin:

“The people who got slapped the hardest in this election — besides Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama — are Jim DeMint and Sarah Palin,” he said. “Jim DeMint and Sarah Palin are responsible for the fact that the Senate did not go Republican. They’re the ones who are responsible for Christine O’Donnell. They’re the ones who are responsible for Joe Miller in Alaska. They’re the ones who are responsible for Ken Buck in Colorado. They’re the ones who are responsible for Sharron Angle in Nevada.”

Kondracke called Miller, O'Donnell, Buck and Angle "characters." And for the coup de grâce, Politico reported that Kondracke said of the Palin's prospects for becoming the Republicans' nominee in 2012:

"She's a joke even within her own party," Kondracke said. "The idea that she would be the presidential nominee is unthinkable."

Here is the C-SPAN video of Kondracke's remarks:


Joie Vouet said...

It's possible that Palin will run, but,seriously, she's unelectable. Voters demonstrated that they wouldn't accept "characters" for office when they rejected Miller, O'Donnell and Angle.

Palin's best bet is to run a Facebook/Twitter campaign during the Republican primaries alongside a Tea Party effort to get on the ballot everywhere. After losing the Republican nomination, she could then run as the Tea Party candidate.

It would be interesting to see someone try to win without talking to the press. Unfortunately for Palin, other candidates can use "new media," too. They can also use "old media," which is something Palin cannot do.

Palin said during the V.P. campaign that she would not have accepted if she had known what it would be like. Certainly she's aware that being at the top of the ticket is rougher than 2nd place. Her dilemna is that in order to stay in the news she may have to run. A Facebook/Twitter/third-pary run would do that for her.

Anonymous said...

Palin ruined McCain's chances at the presidency when Americans had only "known" her for a couple months. Now we have 2 years of video, tweets, and speeches all documented to bring out to remind Americans how completely inappropriate she would be for POTUS-she'd be toast in no time!

Grouchodawg said...

Let her run. She'll be as relevant as Harold Stassen!!! Running for Pres every 4 yrs.

Anonymous said...

McCain ruined his own campaign.
By playing stupid appeal-to-the-masses games.
By selecting a VP by sex appeal, instead of merit and ability.

He completely underestimated her arrogance and self-importance. He planned his whole show around Sarah being motivated to cooperate.