Friday, November 26, 2010

Sarah Palin Blows It on 'BS Your Way to The Presidency' Game Show

On Glenn Beck's game show, "BS Your Way to The Presidency," Sarah Palin lost big-time. The NY Daily News reports:

Oops, she did it again.

Sarah Palin made her latest verbal gaffe on Wednesday, claiming North Korea is one of America's allies on Glenn Beck's radio show when asked how she'd handle the recent escalation between the two Koreas.

"This speaks to a bigger picture here that certainly scares me in terms of our national security policy," the former vice presidential candidate said on Wednesday. "But obviously we've gotta stand with our North Korean allies."

The host corrected her. "South Korea," Beck said.

This gaffe should come as no surprise. The bestseller Game Change reported that Sarah Palin "couldn’t explain why North and South Korea were separate nations." Surely, after realizing that she didn't know the difference between the two countries, her staff would have tried to bring her up to speed. Wouldn't they? They tried and apparently succeeded: "Palin's horrified advisors provided her with scripted replies, which she memorized." Apparently, the information wasn't important enough, in Palin's view, to be filed away in long-term memory.

But why didn't Sarah Palin know what every reasonably well informed person with an interest in world affairs knows? The two Koreas have been front-page news for years; North Korea, especially, for its atomic program and missile tests. On the same page of Game Change, referring to her unpreparedness, Sarah Palin told her staff: "I wish I'd paid more attention to this stuff."

You can read page 397 of Game Change, here, at Amazon. When you're there, type horrified into the search box.

Sarah Palin obviously doesn't read. It isn't difficult to understand why Republicans have told her to sit down and shut up.

Sorry, Sarah. Americans know the presidency isn't a game show prize.



Joie Vouet said...

You can actually read from Game Change, if you don't have it, by going to Amazon and clicking on the 'Click to LOOK INSIDE!' link (the book's cover on the left side).

nswfm said...

"North Korea, South Korea! What's the difference? You can see Kim Jong Il from my porch!

You say potato, I say POTATOE!"


P.S. I can't tell if my kid is screwing some guy and with child, because I'm BUSY fomenting wars!

Joie Vouet said...

Here is a clickable link to the slideshow, nswfm. I read earlier today that DWTS has a record 26 million viewers last night.

nswfm said...

Yeah, because it was Belly Watch instead of Bay Watch.

Joie Vouet said...


nswfm, most people knew she's chubby before the last episode.


I've added more to the post and included a link to "Game Change".


The NY Daily News' picture (the same as the post's) and opening lines were very effective in conveying an impression of Sarah Palin as game show contestant.

I don't know if that was their intent. It may have been serendipitious. Most people realize that that the presidency is not a gameshow prize. Sorry, Sarah.