Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sarah Palin Misunderstands the First Amendment

The Washington Post's Greg Sargent wrote:
During the 2008 Election, Sarah Palin adopted a tragically common interpretation of the First Amendment, that her critics were violating her right to freedom of speech by criticizing her. The basic idea is that freedom of speech applies to her, but not her critics.
The American Prospect article, linked by Sargent, points out that Rush Limbaugh shares Palin's view on the First Amendment. Sarah Palin's attorney has also expressed the view that criticism of Palin violates her rights: "Going Rogue is Sarah Palin's book to set the record straight. It is her right to speak about the events that occurred in her administration and neither Mr. Bitney nor anyone else has the right to stifle that speech, ..."


Joie Vouet said...

We noticed that Sarah Palin has expressed that view of the First Amendment every year since 2008, in this post.

nswfm said...

She makes up words, why wouldn't she make up meanings for important rights? Can she write it on her hand? No? Ok then, she'll just make something up, just like the wild ride story.

See the pattern?

Anonymous said...

Sarah's a self-serving moron. This is news?

How about some posts about her lapdog Joe Miller? Sarah and the Tea Party are trying to buy an Alaskan senate seat for him. Alaska is in a fight over good and evil right now. Joe Miller is pure slime, an arrogant, religiously fanatical, lying hypocrite. He possesses the extreme lack of character that's required to be part of Sarah's club.

How about spreading the word on this extreme right senator wanabee?

Joie Vouet said...

1:54, It's not "news." But this is one of Sarah's fundamental beliefs, so I make a note of it. In the long view, a belief like that is a bigger problem than one senator.

I was one of the first to call out Joe Miller for his federal landgrab.