Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sarah 'Judas' Palin Betrayed The Constitution and The Troops In Iowa, Last Night

Politico's Ben Smith, in "Sarah Palin tells GOP to get behind insurgents," wrote:
... The thrust of her speech, however, was a broad and confrontational rallying call to Republicans across the country.

The media came in for particular scorn, and Palin suggested repeatedly that reporters whose anonymous sources have characterized her falsely were betraying not just her, but also American soldiers who fight to protect the First Amendment.

That is why, Palin said, “I’m so hot on this lamestream media issue.”

“It’s not fair to our troops willing to sacrifice all for your freedom, journalists,” she said.
First of all, her premise is incorrect: Palin has not shown that any anonymous source has characterized her falsely. Even if she ever does, the First Amendment does not protect her from being characterized falsely.

Secondly, Palin has expressed her longstanding, erroneous belief that the First Amendment immunizes her from criticism, that if she is criticized her First Amendment rights are violated. But last night, in Iowa, she repeatedly expressed the view that criticism of her amounts to a betrayal of the troops. Why? Because the troops are fighting to protect something that protects her, if you believe the lie that the troops are fighting to protect Sarah Palin from criticism.

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