Friday, September 3, 2010

Palin Family Circus News - Friday, September 3, 2010

The Hollywood Gossip writes:

The author of a blistering Vanity Fair article on Sarah Palin says his attempt at a positive piece went so awry, he couldn't even include all the bad stuff he found out.

"The worst stuff isn't even in there," Michael Joseph Gross said on MSNBC.

"I couldn't believe these stories either when I first heard them, and I started this story with a prejudice in her favor. I have a lot in common with this woman." ...

... You can read the Vanity Fair article yourself and draw your own conclusions, but he paints Palin as an abusive, combative figure with an extreme ability to lie.

"This is a person for whom there is no topic too small to lie about," he said of the ex-Alaska Governor and mother of Bristol Palin. "She lies about everything."

Meghan McCain has nothing on this. As for Palin's political future?

"If we decide to let her keep lying and getting away with it, she's gonna still be around," he said. "But if we start returning to the standard that a politician has to talk with people, and a politician has to tell the truth, then she's outta here."

"Because she can't stand up to that." ...

This must be the msnbc video THG referred to:

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While looking for that video, an interview with Gross on "Hardball" was found:

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In The Washington Post's "A limp response from Palin," Ruth Marcus, while she says, "As it happens, I think Palin had a legitimate beef with the Vanity Fair piece. It was very short on identified sources. You could hear a lot of axes being ground in the background," criticizes Palin's response:
... There are sexist aspects to the commentary about Palin, as with other female politicians. Sometimes sexism is imagined or overplayed; sometimes it is real and deserves to be called out. A new campaign, Name It, Change It, has been launched to expose such episodes.

Fine, but women politicians have to keep to the high road if they don't want men making fun of their high heels. Impotent and limp? No male politician accused a female reporter of being hormonal or frigid.

Governor, there were any number of other adjectives you could have used. You didn't need to go there -- and you shouldn't have.
Doesn't Palin's response to the article confirm one of the article's major points? That Sarah Palin has a foul temper?

Hey! These guys understand Sarah Palin:

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msnbc's First Read blog has adopted a new policy on reporting Palin's Facebook posts and Twitterings.

A Jay Leno tweet has Bristol on his show tonight.

People magazine has the before and after pictures (of Bristol Palin's dance practice).

And, dont miss "Bristle Dance."


Anonymous said...

It has been caught on tape just how the Palins handle things. Once when she confronted the teacher rolled her eyes and her henchmen tore down the sigh (freedom of speech anyone) and again when a man was taping the palins at the airport. You saw how Todd acted, why is it so hard to believe that this is not the way they handle all conflict?

Anonymous said...


Or the way they 'handle' everything. From politics to travel to food to family.
These ARE their personalities.
The stuff that creates all the cascading drama's that leap from one to the next.
This is who they are, and people from AK all said it from the start.

This woman would never have passed a mental exam, not even an interview for an exam.

Anonymous said...

did you get the part where Gross said he essentially lied on the first tidbit, where he describes moments of her son TRig at the speech. Yet Trig wasn't present at the speech. Yeah, nice try dumbass. Once a hack always a hack. Ivy Frye backs up his words and characterizations, along with others in the US, as LIES. Sarah's popularity on FB continues to grow, despite this attempt at sexism and crudeness

Joie Vouet said...

Cheer up 5:15. The show must go on.

Gross says he made a mistake. "Trig was with his mother the next day in Wichita (Kan.), but the child in Independence was someone else, and I regret the error," he said. -- Vanity Fair reporter admits error in Palin article

He hasn't said other parts -- actually more important parts -- were mistakes.

sewnup said...

@4:06 said "did you get the part where Gross said he essentially lied on the first tidbit, where he describes moments of her son TRig at the speech. Yet Trig wasn't present at the speech."

That's what happens when you substitute one baby for another often enough. You wanta confuse people, then bellyache because they were confused? Stick to one kid and no problem.....Better yet, don't use kids for props at all--just go it on your own merits. Oh. No merits? Darn!

Anonymous said...

Could these people be the ones who actually take care of the baby known as trig?...being as 2yrs and 5yrs is quite different
and having a few on hand is always nice. Or so it seems.

Anonymous said...

Did I just watch this girl on leno mocking her childs father?
Gosh they all had a good belly laugh at Levi's expense: ha. ha.

Worse, she went there out of the blue as i have yet to see any leno show lineup showing her parrot her mothers words that she is 'hunting' right now...since that ole bad VF article came out. Mom has done tweet'd
thru BP.

Who got her on this leno gig tonight? He was quite the setup suckup.


Anonymous said...

Uh oh. Look at these DWTS promo pic. Notice anything odd. (in one certain pic?)

Anonymous said...

Btw, LouieCK made some onerous drunk tweets re snowzilla this week.
Then suddenly, BP shows up ON the couch next to...LouieCK.
She had not been on the print guest list.

I wonder what kind of rage-attack S&T created to get this gig and get their intimidation on leno's stage in the guise of their prop.


Kevin said...

Trig is just a prop to her, so it is completely believable that she would substitute the kid.

Her lack of closeness to Trig and use of him for political gain and public sympathy aare also suspicious when considering the claims that Trig was really Bristol's baby...