Sunday, September 5, 2010

Palin Family Circus News - Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Sarah Palin exposed," has a brief summary of the recent profile of Sarah Palin in Vanity Fair and has chosen what it considers the best tidbits:

She managed to spend $3,000 on underwear

Angels protect her

She is a bad tipper

Her Facebook and Twitter feeds may be ghost-written

She now says she wants to meet the Iron Lady, but back in 2008 . . .

She doesn't hunt

You can read the entire Vanity Fair profile, here, and decide for yourself.

Do you suppose Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are appearing together in Anchorage to boost Joe "Constitutional Scholar" Miller's chances in Alaska's U.S. Senate election?

Much of today's Palin news has been covered in earlier Circus News posts, so there is not much to post about. How long will it be until Sarah starts Facebooking and Twittering again? Time is running out. Sarah's free ride may be ending: msnbc's First Read blog has adopted a new policy on reporting Palin's Facebook posts and Twitterings.


Joie Vouet said...

Murkowski was classy but wrong: She must run expresses the view that Murkowski should run as a write-in.

... What is certain is that as people get to know Miller in the coming weeks, he will scare the bejeebers out of more of them and McAdams will look better if Murkowski sits it out. Miller is campaigning, after all, on cutting federal spending in Alaska -- where it is a huge chunk of the state budget and underwrites 30 percent of the state's jobs. In Fairbanks alone, federal money accounts for 28 percent of the city's economy. ...

Joie Vouet said...

People are still asking the question, “Who is Scott McAdams?” They know they don’t want to vote for Joe Miller, but they want to know that they’re doing more than voting against something. Fortunately for them, they’ll be voting for a fantastic candidate. Dennis Zaki interviewed Scott McAdams a few days ago. Here he is with a brief bio, and how he feels about federal spending, and education. Pass this link to all undecided Alaska voters you know, and anyone who wants to make a political donation to a state with LOTS of bang for the buck. BANG! ...

So Who is Scott McAdams Anyway?

Joie Vouet said...

Sarah Snoozefest. Zzzzzz ... Sarah's last twitter and facebook activity was on Sept. 2nd