Saturday, September 4, 2010

Palin Family Circus News - Saturday, September 4, 2010

The NY Daily News' "Vanity Fair reporter, Michael Joseph Gross, on article about GOP Sarah Palin: I made a mistake," omits the truly ugly part of Sarah Palin's response to Gross' article: She called him "impotent and limp." We haven't heard male politicians calling female reporters hormonal and frigid.

Instead of refuting any of the points Gross made, Palin mounted an ugly ad hominem attack on the author. That attack confirmed one of the major points of Gross' article: Sarah Palin has a terrible temper. Was her response the sort of response we would expect from a President? No. It was the response of a mean-girl.

The author has said he made a mistake when he misidentified Trig Palin, but he has not said that he is mistaken about the substantive issues he raised. He won't do that unless Sarah Palin engages the article on the issues and can point out an error of fact associated with them.

If you missed it, here's Bristol with Jay Leno, last night:

Sarah Palin is part of the team! She is the new makeup artist for Glenn Beck's show! The article doesn't mention it, but she has also lent the use of her TeeVee studio backdrop to Joe "Constitutional Scholar" Miller.

Gail Collins has written "The reality-TV show known as Sarah Palin:"
Sarah Palin is going to Iowa to be the headliner at a Republican fundraiser. In the state that will be the first to hold a contest in the 2012 presidential campaign, even if it has to do it in 2011.

Her staff says this means nothing whatsoever, but let us acknowledge that Palin is on a roll. She's got her own TV show, not counting Fox News. And she Twitters! Or somebody does it for her. Hard to tell which. Her twit on the president's Iraq speech was: "may make u want to dig out ur old Orwell books so rewritten history can be deciphered."

On the one hand, the sentence construction does have that Sarah ring to it. On the other, how many of you think that Palin has old Orwell books hanging around the house? May I see a show of hands? ...

... A new Vanity Fair profile by Michael Joseph Gross suggests that Palin does still cut costs by being an extremely bad tipper. The piece also resurrects the charge that she does not actually hunt, and claims that Todd had to scour the neighborhood to find some moose to put in that chili when a TV crew came to call.

This is not the first time Palin's hunting creds have been questioned. I think it is time for her to take a pool of reporters out into the woods, bring down a moose and dress it on the spot. Maybe she could compete with other allegedly outdoorsy politicians, like Joe Miller. Maybe they could call it "Shooting With the Stars."

In "AP Interview: Author leaving home next to Palins," we learn that Joe McGinniss is leaving the the house he rented next-door to Sarah Palin. He has finished his research and will begin writing his book, The Lies of Sarah Palin.

Will the fence come down? McGinniss said of Sarah Palin's concern that he was there to spy on the Palins:
Anybody wanting to spy on the Palins, McGinniss said, would be better off in a boat.

"That's the funny thing," he said. "They live in a place where anybody who wants to look onto their property, all they have to do is get a boat and park 10 yards off shore and they can sit there all day and look at the Palin's yard, if that's what they want to do. But I don't know who would want to do that."

The NY Times' William Yardley has taken an interest in Joe "Constitutional Scholar" Miller, the Republican candidate for Alaska Senator. His latest article, "Alaska Winner, Lover of Privacy, Loses His Own," is here.

Finally, Robert Reich has written "How to End the Great Recession," which has some background information about what has been happening to the middle class during the last thirty years.

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