Friday, September 24, 2010

Palin Family Circus News - Friday, September 24, 2010

The Washington Post's Stephen Stromberg offers a dose of common sense on Palin/2012:

... Anyway, in Palin's case, it's all meaningless for now. She's saying and doing some of the things that indicate presidential ambitions. But if she's just in it to enhance her influence on a segment of the electorate and/or make lots of money, she would be doing the same things. No matter what her real intentions, she has to keep America wondering if she will actually run. The prospect, however remote, of Palin in the White House is critical to her unusual marketability. Supporters are even more motivated to listen -- and buy -- when there's a chance she will one day represent their views in high office. Detractors pay attention out of concern she'll do just that. Journalists meet demand from both groups by reporting on pretty much anything Palin-related, and pollsters take time to conduct surveys testing her viability. It all feeds her mystique -- and fills up her bank account.

If she's smart, she'll keep this up as long as she can, then announce she's not running. She couldn't win, since so much of the country thinks she's simply unqualified. But she could try to play kingmaker as a leader of the Tea Party, her endorsement swinging a portion of the GOP primary electorate behind her chosen candidate.

Sarah was "scared to death" when Bristol went on DWTS, but Bristol returned victorious to Wasilla -- with dance partner Mark Ballas -- where they were welcomed with a "huge rally." A video and short story are at ET Online.

DWTS' Mark Ballas Finally Meets Sarah Palin!

Sarah texted Bristol, "We are so proud of you. Congratulations! It looked like you were having fun!" Bristol, 19, told Tuesday.

Up next for the teen pregnancy activist? The quickstep!

"I'm looking forward to a dance that's more proper and pretty," Bristol said. "I won't have to shake my hips so much!"

The source of Us' picture is "Me and Mama Palin."

Kelly Osbourne tells People that she is upset that no one from the Palin family was in the audience when Bristol danced on DWTS:

"I have a real soft spot for Bristol Palin. I really do. I think she's going out there and trying, and to not have a family member in the audience is the hardest thing in the world," Osbourne, 25, says in an interview set to air Thursday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Osbourne adds: "Half of that show is family support, and to go out there that first week and not have anyone there, and having everybody looking at you the most – I give her so much credit."

Tina Fey has weighed in on Bristol's DWTS performance:

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Tina Fey may not have had a reason to do her Sarah Palin impression lately, but the “30 Rock” star is still interested in the former vice presidential candidate and her family, including Bristol, who made her debut earlier this week on “Dancing with the Stars.”

“I thought she was a pretty good dancer,” Tina told Access Hollywood in New York City on Thursday. “I thought she did well.” ...

See? Stephen Stromberg is right! Even a comic book is trying to cash in on will she run? The Today show's Rick Schindler wrote about the Archie cover, here.


Joie Vouet said...

So, when is the wedding?


Didn't I write that Bristol looked like she was having fun on DWTS?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Kelly, for giving Bristol the leading role of "victim" even in this..."not having a family member in the audience is the hardest thing in the world"? Seriously? Childhood cancer...that is hard...sending a parent off to war...pretty darned hard...I could go on and on. Being paid Mega Bucks to strut your stuff on stage with zillions of Bots ready and willing to hit the vote buttons on their computers...not so much.