Sunday, September 12, 2010

Beck/Palin Anchorage Show: Big Nothing Burger

Craig Medred's story, "With special guest Sarah Palin, the Glenn Beck show rolled into Anchorage," comes with an interesting slideshow and begins:

Fresh from the Capitol Mall in Washington, D.C., the Glenn Beck American revival show rolled into Anchorage Saturday night with special guest Sarah Palin.

What little real news there was came quickly. Palin, the half-term former governor of Alaska and unsuccessful though much-loved Republican candidate for vice-president, will keep the country waiting on whether she plans a bid for the presidency in 2012. Not so for Fox News star Beck. "No, I'm not going to run," he said point blank when asked by Palin, on the stage, about his presidential aspirations. ...

So, it was a nothing burger in terms of an announcement. Nobody should have had to ask Beck whether he was going to run -- Hello, Sarah? -- because he very clearly said -- last month! -- that he wouldn't run. Beck went to Alaska for a vacation and to raise some money by selling expensive tickets to his show.

Alaska Dispatch's story is interesting, nonetheless. Did you know that Glenn Beck was once a girl?

Update: Mudflats has a story about Palin's appearance in Anchorage, and Grypen has a story about her appearance in Wasilla.


Joie Vouet said...

Am I becoming clairvoyant? A couple days ago I wrote a joke for Bristol and Jay Leno:

Jay Leno: What's your mom doing?

Bristol Palin: She's hunting caribous.

Jay Leno: What's your dad doing?

Bristol Palin: He's frantically calling around, looking for some caribou meat.

At the show, Sarah said that she had been hunting caribou, and that she still had blood under her fingernails!

She obviously doesn't have a sense of humor ... trying to refudiate my joke! Darn her!

Anonymous said...

Nothing says class like a pose like that!

What is thAT look? Hot teacher, dirty librarian or is she reaching out to Tim Gunn for a fashion make over?

Joie Vouet said...

The NY Times' A Dream Team Addresses Alaska:

They joked about a potential partnership in 2012. “We would like to announce that in 2012…” Mr. Beck said, pausing, pausing, “…that we will both be voting.”

After 10 minutes, the friendly stage chat was interrupted by a heckler.

“You are a hypocrite, both of you are hypocrites,” a woman screamed, and was swiftly shouted down and removed.

“Thank you, God bless you,” Mr. Beck said, and Mrs. Palin added that her son, Track, fought in Iraq to help preserve this woman’s right to protest. After things settled down, Mr. Beck marveled that someone would spend $79 for a ticket, just so they could scream for a few seconds.

“It kind of makes me feel warm inside,” said Mr. Beck, adding that there would be no refunds.

And Wonkette's Palin and Beck Lied to 9/11

nswfm said...

This is an excerpt from an email from a lawyer friend who has lived in Europe, Great Britain, South East Asia and China:

"I talk to my parents every day. Both of them lived through WWII. My Dad was in Germany (which was particularly harrowing since he was a US citizen) and my Mom was in Japan. They are both frightened by the historic parallels they are seeing.

Yesterday, I was thinking about how events seem to resonate but we are reluctant to conclude that terrible things can happen again. We can pretend that everything is different now or we are unable to fathom how the current state of paralysis can break. Yet history teaches the contrary over and over. No wonder people hate history."

Here is more from him from a later email:

"The politicians anesthetized the populace with debt consumption. But those days are over. People are in a struggle. Extremism is going to accelerate. Last weeks anti-Moslem fervor was a single facet of  "scape goading" and xenophobia which is what will drive this in the name of God. We are going to hear so much about God. God and country. How many times have we heard those words leading up to war?" 

Joie and Snowbilly, food for thought from someone who is far more intelligent than I am.