Friday, August 5, 2011

Roseanne Barr grabs Mama Grisly's Brass Ring -- To the White House, Roseannearchists!

From Slate's "Roseanne Barr Says She's Running for President:"

Last night, she [Roseanne Barr] proved that she wants a big stage for her political rantings, and she aimed a direct shot at Sarah Palin: She went on the Tonight Show and announced that she was running for president. In fact, Barr says that she said yes to a reality show because of Sarah Palin's reality show, and that she's running for President because Palin can, too. "I wanted to edge her out because I feel like she’s stealing my act anyway," Roseanne said, repeating something she told USA Today back in January.

A promise of NO TAXES!!! How will Sarah Palin and her Tea Partiers top that?


Anonymous said...

SP (tm) stealing Roseanne's act! Priceless!

teal said...

I love Ro!
Very funny unlike SP who tries to be serious, but it all comes out jacked-up and one sided.