Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sarah Palin snubs 'our North Korean allies' to speak in South Korea -- She will appear with other has-beens and ex-somebodies

It looks as though Sarah Palin is running for the money, not the presidency. From AFP:
SEOUL — US conservative politician Sarah Palin will visit South Korea for the first time to speak at a Seoul forum in October, the organisers said Thursday.

Maeil Business Newspaper said the former vice presidential candidate would make a keynote opening speech at the forum organised by the paper from October 11 to 13.

Palin will speak about the US economic crisis, policies to tackle fiscal woes and her country's role in the world at a time when its superpower status is diminishing, the paper said in a news report.

"She also plans to meet with South Korea's next presidential contenders and major politicians during the forum," it said without elaborating.

Former British prime minister Gordon Brown and Larry Summers, ex-director of US President Barack Obama's National Economic Council, will also speak at the event, it said.

Former Alaska governor Palin, a darling of the ultra-conservative Tea Party movement, made headlines in November last year with a verbal gaffe on Korea.

"Obviously we've got to stand with our North Korean allies," she said on a radio show when intending to refer to longtime US ally South Korea.
What qualifies her to speak about economics? Didn't she get a 'D' in economics? Of course, all she needs to know about economics is whether her speaking fee is larger than what it will cost to pay someone to write the speech for her.

Update: ABC News has "Sarah Palin to Speak in South Korea in October," which makes this observation:
... Oct. 11 is the same day Republican presidential contenders are set to debate in New Hampshire; Palin has previously said that the end of September would be her “drop dead” timeline to jump into the 2012 race. Considering the 13 hour time difference and 14 hour flight between Manchester, N.H., and Seoul, South Korea, Palin could conceivably do both, but as Politico’s Ben Smith noted, “it’s not exactly the kind of scheduling that screams candidacy.”


Anonymous said...

Like she'll even know what the hell she is talking about. The script will be writtten for her and she'll read it from the prompter. The woman is a fraud and has always been - ask anyone from Alaska.

WakeUpAmerica said...

S andP downgraded that "D" to an "F" after her last Facebook rant.

Anonymous said...

She's done it again. Scored a major coup in the international business world. Political diplomatic courtesy in Israel; now this. The 12th World Knowledge Forum.
This is so troubling. Here's a Korean article about it:

Here's the program, although Sarah isn't listed as a speaker.

Anonymous said...

She's the keynote speaker and will be addressing international business community on the global economy.

Anonymous said...

OzMud said...

Neither the Bailey nor the Dunn book have received any press here downunder - I would imagine the same can be said for most countries outside the US. all anyone abroad sees are periodic announcements that she draws big crowds, her books were best-sellers and her movie a profound hit!
Perhaps it isn't too late to send copies of all the books - including the McGinniss book to some event coordinators?

Anonymous said...

I think this means ... she is not running against President Obama . ( knows she can't win) ... building up her fake foreign policy concern ... for credentials during the election cycle after President Obama's second term.

sharon said...

she knows she'd get her ass handed to her in any election here so her next best thing is to continue attacking the prez on foreign soil. I wish there was a way to charge her with treason or at the very least it's sedition.

victoria said...

More wing nut welfare for Sarah thanks to Rupert or the Kochs. Her speechwriter will be having a stroke waiting to see how she will bungle the speech as she knows next to NOTHING about anything.

This isn't a coup--it is a paid gig to draw a crowd. Sort of like having a three headed dog at a carnival. She is a bit of a joke internationally.

I hope she doesn't hide in her hotel room again like she did in India. All those Asian people could frighten her again. Also, I hope she finds a good mall.

Anonymous said...

Victoria, it is sooo a total coup for this Wasilla housewife. Who could have possibly imagined all this juicy goodness for her!
Sarah was a complete ditz in 1989 and she still is. Her ONLY "business" in her entire life was AMWAY.
Anybody who ever knew her is STILL stunned that she made it this far. But a World Knowledge Forum? What alternative universe have we been teleported to while I wasn't looking?!

I know the Palins, the family and the individuals. They're all just fine. They DO have successful businesses, including the women.
I DON'T know the Heaths and don't need to. I DON'T know Sarah's children and don't need to.

Too funny - Alaska State Fair, Alaska's 2010 Olympic athletes signing autographs. Sally Heath asked for a poster for "the Palin girls" and made a big deal about it. Not for Sally's many granddaughters. Not Molly McCann's girls or Lauden or any of the other girls. Not a poster for the grandchildren. But one for Sarah's girls. As if "The Palin Gurls" even wanted a poster.
Blatant name-dropping. With Alaska's athletes. Who were there because they worked very very hard and accomplished something.
The athletes had no idea who Sally Heath was and asked how to spell "Palin".

Where's the UI diploma? Ha ha ha ha ha said...

"She's the keynote speaker and will be addressing [the] international business community on the global economy."

Ha ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! (gasp) Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!