Thursday, August 11, 2011

Texas Gov. Perry Steals Iowa Spotlight from Sarah Palin

There have been stories about Sarah Palin going to Iowa to steal the spotlight from actual candidates for the Republican nomination, but she, herself, has just been upstaged.

Sarah Palin said she was going to Iowa to eat junk food, but Texas governor Rick Perry is going to Iowa to campaign for the Republican nomination for President. It's probable that Perry is going to get more attention than Palin while they are both in Iowa, tomorrow.

How is Perry unlike Palin? He has completed two terms as Texas' governor, and, in his third term, he is now the longest serving governor of Texas. How many terms did Sarah Palin complete as Alaska's governor? In some other respects, they have much in common, so don't be surprised to see Palin endorse Perry.

An Austin, TX website has a story about Perry's announcement: "It's official, if familiar: Perry's in."

He (or she) who hesitates is lost.


0>w/hole>1 said...

Josh Marshall made an astute observation in amongst the GOP debate liveblogging:

"My basic impression of this debate is that none of these folks is strong enough to withstand Perry's entry into the race."

FrostyAK said...

According to most sources, Perry is WORSE than $P in the fact that he is a true Dominionist, whereas she is a fake at that as well as everything else.

Theocracy anyone?

dianedp said...

I still think she will enter but later on. She can't afford to do all the heavy debating and talk about policy. She will wait till later and declare, stating the demands of her 'people'.

She will satisfy her followers, they will continue to donate to her. She can always say 2016. She's still young enough to run. If POTUS Obama wins, she can spend 4 more years of twitting and face booking.
If a republican wins, she can sing their praises for them.

Or, she can be a VP candidate for rick perry. He's young and there will not be any danger of his demise during the 4 years.

jadez said...

you dont need to be astute to know perry IS the guy the establishment wants and every right-winger will get behind.

as far as his being a dominionist...NO ONE gets the backing of the party unless they are totally vetted.
dont expect some guy with crazy beliefs to get attention.
perry may put on a good show but obviously he is tried and true republican and NOT some crazy religion guy no matter what you may think.

as far as pali goes she NEVER had intentions to run as i said since a year ago, because she would never get the backing of the establishment because she is a TRUE LOON and everyone knows it so she wuld never be allowed near to real power.

WaveLength said...

jadez - Was Palin vetted thoroughly? You may also be interested to read about Perry's prayer get-together last weekend:

Anonymous said...

Excellent resource for understanding Perry in all his shameful glory: corruption, Dominionist ambition, and all the gay rumors:

The Perry Trap

Anonymous said...

To find out more about Gov. Goodhair, go to This will give you ALL the lowdown on this POS. He is my governor and he is worse than George W. Bush and Sarah Palin. We do not want this person to be President of the United State.