Thursday, August 25, 2011

Isn't Todd Palin behind Sarah Palin's Candidacy Tease?

At the Iowa State Fair, Sarah Palin answered questions about when she might announce her intentions with regard to running for the republican presidential nomination:
Q: When is a good time? Do you have a timeline?

Palin: I have said that that August/September timeframe is important for logistical and legal reasons to jump in there, but…

Q: So by next month?

Palin: I think that just practically speaking that has to be kind of a drop dead time. Also, in fairness to supporters, who are standing on the timeline, and this is what I have told Todd over and over again, I don't want to be seen as or perceived as stringing people along, asking supporters, 'Oh don't just jump in there on someone else's bandwagon because I may jump in, so hold off a little bit.' That is not fair to them. After another month or two goes by, they need to know who it is that they can jump behind. Now more than ever, everybody has got to get involved in this 2012 election. They need to get out there and campaign for their chosen candidates, its all the more reason to hurry up and decide.

From this, I gather that Sarah and Todd Palin are discussing how long they can go before announcing the decision. Palin's concern for her fans argues for an announcement soon; Todd would string people along indefinitely. But Sarah is obviously conflicted in this, saying, "After another month or two goes by, they [her fans] need to know who it is that they can jump behind." But, then, she said, "Now more than ever, everybody has got to get involved in this 2012 election." But now is not "after a month or two goes by;" it is now.

If we've learned anything from this, it may be that Sarah Palin is indecisive, and that Todd Palin is, perhaps, her only advisor.

The transcript is from CNN's "Will Palin be in by Labor Day? 'I doubt it'" story, which was written in response to Karl Rove's speculation that Palin would announce her decision at an Iowa appearance on September 3.

After Karl Rove speculated, last Saturday, on Fox News, that Sarah Palin would make an announcement on September 3, Palin pushed-back over Rove's speculation. Then, Rove pushed-back by saying, "It is a sign of enormous thin skin if we speculate about her, she gets upset, and I suspect if we didn't speculate about her, she'd be upset and trying to find a way to get us to speculate about her."

Rove and Palin have sparred before. There is a round-by-round summary of their fight at The Washington Post's "Karl Rove: Not a Palin fan."

Update: Politico posted a "reality check" on Palin's possible candidacy. Her indecisiveness must be weighing on her supporters.

Update: The New York Daily News' "Sarah Palin, it's time to fish or cut bait: Stop teasing everyone about whether you'll run in 2012," written by a Republican, chastises Palin for her indecisiveness.


Sally in MI said...

Isn't that what we know already? Sarah listens to no one but Todd, the man who cheated on her, but who she needs to keep stringing along to protect her 'family values' credibility, or whatever is left of that. Morons all.

Anonymous said...

Junkies often feel that way about their suppliers.

Anonymous said...

In Wasilla we all knew it was Todd who was the real mayor of our small town and it was Todd who was our real governor of our state. You all have seen Sarah's and our state employees emails, they all had to go through Todd for his approval. Sarah is nothing more than a uneducated loosing ex beauty queen who had to go to 5 colleges just to get a pretend degree. Sarah is so hesitant about life she was unsure if Todd needed to wear a condom or was it Curtis Menard?

Anonymous said...

What an idiot that Sarah Palin is. Are you telling me that Sarah is waiting for Todd to tell her to stay in or pull out?

Isn't this the same man who didn't know when to pull out in time and impregnated Sarah and was forced to marry her?

Todd is the last person I would listen to about staying in or pulling out.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:17

You asked:
"Are you telling me that Sarah is waiting for Todd to tell her to stay in or pull out?"

Maybe she is waiting for Todd to tell her what to do. Dominionist wives are supposed to be submissive to their husband.

nancydrew said...

Remember when Bill assured us we'd be getting "two for the price of one"? I remember my dread at the time over that promise. Now the update.

Wonder who Todd's choice is for a running mate. One can only imagine. Franklin Graham would be my guess. He might be able to help them keep the gravy train on track.

Preposterous people in perilous times. No longer even mildly amusing. They make me look back fondly at Jerry Springer teevee and all its elevating drama.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Todd is such a loser. At least SP has a college degree. Todd finished high school. Their relationship is frightful.