Monday, August 8, 2011

Nobel Prize Winning Economist says We Must Defeat and Marginalize Extremists

Paul Krugman of the N.Y. Times doesn't take the S&P downgrade seriously, (indeed, in today's secondary market, the 10-year note's rate is decreasing), but does say that America has big problems:
... These problems have very little to do with short-term or even medium-term budget arithmetic. The U.S. government is having no trouble borrowing to cover its current deficit. It’s true that we’re building up debt, on which we’ll eventually have to pay interest. But if you actually do the math, instead of intoning big numbers in your best Dr. Evil voice, you discover that even very large deficits over the next few years will have remarkably little impact on U.S. fiscal sustainability.

No, what makes America look unreliable isn’t budget math, it’s politics. And please, let’s not have the usual declarations that both sides are at fault. Our problems are almost entirely one-sided — specifically, they’re caused by the rise of an extremist right that is prepared to create repeated crises rather than give an inch on its demands. [emphasis added]

The truth is that as far as the straight economics goes, America’s long-run fiscal problems shouldn’t be all that hard to fix. It’s true that an aging population and rising health care costs will, under current policies, push spending up faster than tax receipts. But the United States has far higher health costs than any other advanced country, and very low taxes by international standards. If we could move even part way toward international norms on both these fronts, our budget problems would be solved.

So why can’t we do that? Because we have a powerful political movement in this country that screamed “death panels” in the face of modest efforts to use Medicare funds more effectively, and preferred to risk financial catastrophe rather than agree to even a penny in additional revenues. [emphasis added]

The real question facing America, even in purely fiscal terms, isn’t whether we’ll trim a trillion here or a trillion there from deficits. It is whether the extremists now blocking any kind of responsible policy can be defeated and marginalized.

I shouldn't have to remind anyone of the name of the person who screamed 'death panels.'

Krugman's entire article is "Credibility, Chutzpah And Debt," which, by the way, contains the best definition of chutzpah I've ever read.

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Sally in MI said...

He's so right, but the right will NEVER back down. For some reason, they are scared to death of the Tea Party (or scared to death of the Kochs.) How about being scared of the millions and millions of liberals who will be voting you out the door with a good swift kick next fall? (or even sooner, in WI!)