Friday, July 15, 2011

It's official: SarahPac paid for Palin family personal vacation!

According to National Park Service Director John Jarvis, Palin's stop at places like Gettysburg National Military Park, during her recent "bus tour," was a "personal, family visit," according to Palin's staff. That's straight from the horse's mouth, Palin's staff!

When Piper Palin told a Time magazine reporter, “Thanks for ruining our vacation,” she wasn't kidding.

Now, it's official. According to CBS News:
While the tour was billed as a "family" trip, Palin's political action committee SaraPAC spent tens of thousands of dollars on it, according to the PAC's Thursday filing with the Federal Election Commission. As much as $13,700 was spent just on wrapping the "One Nation" bus with images of the Constitution and the American flag. The PAC also spent thousands of dollars for hotels, flights and rental cars on dates surrounding the trip. ...

... Derek Schlickeisen, a spokesperson for [Oregon Representative Earl] Blumenauer, who had "questioned whether federal resources were improperly used for Palin's "partisan, political tour," said the congressman appreciated receiving the Park Service's reply and that his office would "leave it to others to decide whether they think a family vacation paid for by a federal PAC is appropriate."
I don't know what "others" think, but I think Sarah Palin's supporters are fools for donating to SarahPac. Can't Sarah Palin afford to pay for a vacation on her own?

Anyway, we now know that the bus tour must really be over. Don't all vacations end? Like Real Americans' vacations end?


nswfm said...

I can't wait until hearing about this lying fraud ends and hoping it ends with an orange jumpsuit.

(Glad to see the commenting system allows me to post this way.)

25thcenturygirl said...

i hope the americans who worked super hard to give the palins their family vacay can afford one of their own.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if these are the vacation dates - but have a look at see whether you think fed money is apropos. Wouldn't this instead be income? And she is a millionaire!

Note: Between May 27 and June 10 SarahPac spent $45,482 (if my figures are right) in two weeks - and if this was “One Nation” this doesn’t include the bus wrap. The Pac only donated $65,000 or so to candidate btw.

One airfare for 5/24 for $492
Two airfares for may 25 each 656 and 4548
One airfare for May 26 - $501
There are four separate airfare costs on May 27. $1696
Another airfare for May 27 for $748
A meal on May 28 for $292
Airfare for May 30 for $724
Hotel lodging for May 31 for $2509
One airfare for June 1 for $326
Airfare for June 2 for $26,295
Car rental for June 2 for $353
Car rental for June 3 for $1267
Hotel for June 3 for $1874
Car rental for June 10 for $2603
Airfare for June 10 for $504 and another airfare for $843