Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sarah Palin does a photoshoot

Here, we see Sarah Palin playing hide-and-seek. I'm not sure whether she's hiding or seeking, but surely she's cheating.

Sarah Palin did a photoshoot -- eight pictures -- for Newsweek, but the pictures are at The Daily Beast. The photographer is Emily Shur.

The photoshoot was done for a Newsweek cover story by Peter J. Boyer: "Palin Plots Her Next Move."

In Newsweek's story, Palin says that she believes she can win national office. Apparently, the story's writer didn't ask her, "Which office?" Of course, that is a "gotcha" question. "Any of 'em -- all of 'em," is the standard answer to a question like that, so I suppose he didn't really need to ask.

Update: The Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart has written "Sarah Palin as Newsweek cover girl — again."

Update: The Christian Science Monitor writes that Palin doesn't look presidential:
What’s striking about the Newsweek feature is the photographs – not just the cover, but the two-page inside shot of Palin standing in a field of flowers, hair down, wearing a pink hoodie, hands in the pockets of loose-fitting work pants. It’s the Garden of Sarah.

Maybe the photos are Palin’s way of saying, “I’m not running.” Time was when a politically ambitious woman would agree to be photographed only looking “dressed for success” – usually in a suit, à la Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Newsweek cover earlier this year. Or the way Palin usually dresses on Fox News. But in this latest iteration, the vibe is more “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” than “West Wing.”


WakeUpAmerica said...

OMG, doesn't she know how hideous those wigs are? She desperately needs a stylist to help her. All her taste is in her mouth, as the saying goes.

Anonymous said...

She looks like Michael Jackson in "Thriller"!!

Anonymous said...

I love the part where Piper interrupts to ask to get her hair cut, and Sarah makes it into a power struggle, which she turns over to Toad "you tell her no; she'll obey you." Yes, in Sarahworld, children have no voice, they obey (well, except Bristol, but Mama is so proud of her life decisions...after all, she's parlayed what should have been a soul-searching, embarrassing moment into fame and fortune and dancing with a belly. And yiuc an count on Sarah to powwow with her family before she really, truly admits she's running (can we afford to lose my gig with Murdoch, can we afford to start a new PAC that will be under federal scrutiny, can I ask my supporters for even more cash, what say you girls?" ALl this, of course, AFTER she has hustled them onto a plane bound for Georgia and has someone else tell them she's running. But we know she will be 'awesome.' Bristol has told us so several times, and she is as honest as the day is long, or at least as honest as her mother. Sarah, where's Trig?

nancydrew said...

Oh dear. Is she wearing the blow-up boobs again? I guess noticing the boobs is the point here.

The last time my NPR local affiliate ran a pledge drive, they offered a free subscription to Newsweek with a pledge. Most pledgers said "no, thanks". Wonder why?