Saturday, July 9, 2011

What 'The Undefeated' left out

Roger Moore of The Orlando Sentinel writes movie reviews in a column titled, "Frankly my dear." He's seen Sarah Palin's "The Undefeated," and he noticed that the movie left out quite a lot:
... Conservative documentarian Stephen K. Bannon (“Generation Zero”) makes a persuasive case that Palin was a more accomplished governor than the national media has ever let on and that she’s more of a “maverick” than we’ve been allowed to see. He captures some of the media firestorm that surrounded her upon her arrival on the national scene and the creation of her “media narrative” — naive, greedy, possibly corrupt and appealing to the nuttier elements of the GOP’s far right base. The film is designed to make her appear less alarming and as such, it works — until you start noticing what was left out. ...
Moore's complete review can be read at "Movie Review: The Undefeated."

Tina Dupuy has also seen "The Undefeated," discussed it with Stephen Bannon, and wrote about it in "Sarah Palin Movie Maker Wants You to Love Her Like He Does."

Peter Vonder Haar attended a screening of "The Undefeated" and wrote "Sarah Palin Sneak Preview: The Agony of The Undefeated."

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Anonymous said...

It's all so surreal. I wonder to myself: how do these random people defend her gubernatorial accomplishment and Alaskan approval, when they're not from Alaska and have no personal experience?