Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Welcome to Arizona

There has been some chatter about Arizona, lately. You might enjoy a photo tour of the exterior of a "territorial" ranch house. Click on a photo to enlarge it.

Looking northeast -- the front of the house.

Full-frontal view. That is a garage window.

Looking northwest.

Looking a little more northwest. A fine dish and Suguaro appear. Rainwater falls on the rocks.

Looking fully west. The window belongs to a bathroom.

Looking southwest. The rear slab and some outback.

Looking outback. The hen house.
Beyond the henhouse, horses shelter beneath a metal roof.

The rear of the house as seen from the outback.
A fine outdoors clothes drying apparatus appears on the right.

A view to the east. A garage looms large.

Another view of the front of the house and the yard.

The pictures were taken by my blog partner, Snowbilly. He won't tell where the house is, except to say it's in Arizona; he keeps secrets. When he was told about the house, he went to take pictures. The pictures were taken in early November.

Update: December 24, 2010: Bristol Palin has purchased a house in Arizona. Another story.


Exemplar said...

As a resident of Arizona, I can assure you that this is the kind of fake territorial that appeals to people from faraway places.

A true territorial (with a S a g u a r o), would be made of mud, adobe bricks, have shade closer to the home and the water that falls from the roof would be collected in barrels for watering plants later.

Looks like rainwater from this roof will cause problems with the ticky-tacky drywall, frame and stucco of the house.

It's a comfort to know that, if any snowbillies move to the Phoenix area, that they have sent themselves to hell. Temperatures get over 117 degrees in the summer and the overnight lows in Phoenix can exceed 105 degrees.

Now you know why Az legislatures are so crazy.

Smart Arizonans are moving out, or hiding out in cooler areas.

snowbilly said...


You're right about the spelling of Saguaro. Strange that I should misspell it after seeing it written on so many signs.

Yes, the property sold very quickly to an out of area buyer. I saw it after an offer had been accepted, while it was still vacant. It's private, on several acres, on a hill, but not at the top. About half the property, on the east side, which doesn't show in these pictures has suffered heavy water erosion. I don't know whether the erosion occurred over a few years, thousands of years or millions of years, but the buyer should check into that. Another thing was that outside the area around the house where they've spread gravel the soil was soft and in some places seemed to like ash.

In the picture with the garage, if you look at the right, top corner of the house, you see a threaded rod sticking out. One of the fake roof logs is missing!

Joie Vouet said...

Don't be such nit-pickers.

For the ash, I refer you to this picture.

Concerning the erosion, it must have happened within the last few thousand years. Review your creationism.

And what you've called a "drying apparatus," snowbilly, is a clothes line. It's perfect for drying a lot of diapers.

The missing log -- well, just put a new one up.