Sunday, December 5, 2010

The 'Gotham Guru' Dishes on Sarah Palin

NY Daily News sportswriter and cartoonist Bill Gallo heard some common sense from "The Gotham Guru:"

Today I introduce someone who I've had tucked away in one of the drawers of my brain for some time and have been waiting for the right moment to spring. Now is that moment.

He is "The Sage," but better known to Washington Irving and me as "The Gotham Guru."

I call on him - with all his wisdom - to set us straight on these two things: An obsession the American people cannot unload, and a diversion baseball fans continuously like to stick their noses in. The wisdom, by the way, is called common sense, as you will see.

The obsession is Sarah Palin, who is seen popping up on television more than "The Gecko," that amusing little lizard who teams up with Brian Carney (Art's son) in the Geico ads.

Now that I've led you in, I'll ask the "Guru of Gotham" to explain this lady phenomenon who has grabbed all of us by the lapels, shouting in her shrill voice, "Listen to me, you people, I'm talking!" But is this a sports column, you might ask? Yes, in a way. ...

The Gotham Guru is an unsophisticated, common sense sort of guy. You can get a dose of common sense here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

GothamGuru gives her way to much credit.
I know women like her; they are not nice people. They will cause you to *think* that with the public persona, but at home, this is a relig fanatic.
They do not have 'normal'
conversations, do not have 'normal' relationships.

Instead they are gravely shallow invoking one god or another at every turn.

Anyone who actually 'thinks'
she is a 'nice person' is sadly and pathetically mistaken.