Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Food Fight! Palin vs. Huckabee

The score is 1-0, Huckabee leads.

If you didn't know, Sarah Palin has been trying to mischaracterize First Lady Michelle Obama's initiative to end childhood obesity.

Mike Huckabee, sometimes mentioned as a 2012 Republican presidential candidate, has disagreed with Sarah Palin, saying that the First Lady's efforts are right and appropriate:
“Michelle Obama's not trying to tell people what to eat or not trying to force the government's desires on people,” Huckabee said. “She’s stating the obvious, that we do have an obesity problem in this country.”

He added: “The first lady's campaign is on target.”
CNN has a story. The Huffington Post has one, too, with audio. And Fox News, which employs Palin and Huckabee has a short story.

Read about The First Lady's Childhood Obesity Task Force.

Update: The Washington Post's Alexandra Petri has written "Let Us Eat Cake!" If Michelle Obama won't let us, Sarah Palin will!

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