Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Palin Family Circus News - Wednesday, December 1, 2010 + Bill Kristol got over his infatuation with Sarah Palin!

Why not just move the show to Wasilla? E!Online is reporting that Dancing With the Stars is eager to book Todd Palin -- Mr. Sarah Palin? -- for the show's next season. E!Online's Marc Malkin has been told so, so it must be true.

Margaret Cho is concerned that she might wake up with a moose head in her bed after writing that Bristol Palin was forced by her mom to appear on DWTS. CNN's The Marquee Blog wrote about what Margaret wrote at her own blog. While some thought an epic cat fight might erupt with Margaret and Bristol appearing together on DWTS, Margaret praised Bristol for her accomplishments on the show and slammed the haters, who were obsessed with Bristol's weight.

Don't think miracles don't happen. Bill Kristol, The Weekly Standard's Editor and for a long time one of Sarah Palin's chief spinners (Quitting is good!), is for Ryan/Odierno in 2012. That tidbit, and others, can be gleaned from Jennifer Rubin's Right Turn column, titled "The myth of Palin's frontrunner status," which appeared in today's Washington Post. Ryan is congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and Odierno is General Ray Odierno, U.S. commander in Iraq.

So, why is this circus news? Because palin-bots must be crying. They depended upon Bill Kristol. Now, once Matthew Continetti, an Associate Editor of The Weekly Standard, gives up his infatuation with Sarah, there won't be anyone left to spin Sarah Palin's pratfalls into oscar-winning performances for them.

And finally -- the coup de grâce? -- Ed Rollins, a former Reagan staffer, speaking to Sarah Palin, reprises an old line from the Bentsen/Quayle VP debate of 1988: "I knew Ronald Reagan, and you're no Ronald Reagan."

It's bedtime for Bonzo Sarah.


nswfm said...

One clown short of a circus or something like that....

Love the ominous clouds in that family circus photo. May they get blacker and blacker (better to contrast with the orange jumpsuit, maybe? If I get my wish....). Good work Joie on calling this the circus.

Lynnrockets said...

I enjoyed your juicy scoops today. Keep up the good work.