Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Conservatives Weigh In on Palin/2012

The Washington Post published this fun video:

Via The Plum Line's Happy Hour Roundup

Conservatives aren't very enthusiastic about her, are they?

And the paper's Jonathan Capehart wrote in his PostPartisan column:
... Sarah Palin's latest harangue on Facebook after she got pummeled for saying the U.S. needs to stand with "our North Korean allies" shows that the turkey skin I gobbled up Thursday night is thicker than the half-term governor's.

You can read Palin's characteristically sarcastic and dismissive lash-out here. But she can't possibly survive a run for president (which I'm certain she won't do) wearing her heart and all of her paranoias on her sleeve. People already think she's not fit for the Oval Office. Such petty rhetorical tantrums are more befitting a pampered star than a president.
Capehart's opinion about whether Palin will run is like mine: non-hysterical, rational, and reality-based; of course.


Anonymous said...

This is not meant as a dig at any of the other Palin (anti) sites, because I don't think that's productive.... but, I feel that some of them are "certain" that she will run partly because if she doesn't, she's much less relevant. Hence, their sites would lose traffic. Just my thought.

Joie Vouet said...

3:44 AM, That's possible, but it may be that they think she'll run because they think she's crazy and, so, will do something crazy.

womanwithsardinecan said...

I don't think it has to do with fear of losing site counts. I think it is just the combination of paranoia and fatigue that sane people are suffering because sarah WON'T GO AWAY. We had all hoped she would just fade into the background and settle for being rich. Nope. She is a sociopathic narcissist who actually thinks she would make a good president. Yes, she may decide that it is too much work and it is more fun to be just a rich bitch, but she doesn't seem to make rational decisions (do you actually think she wanted to GOVERN Alaska?). She is led by her blinding ambition and that blind confidence only true narcissists have. And her handlers want her to run. That makes it possible. You can't guess what she will do based on your sane brain, because she isn't.