Sunday, December 5, 2010

ABC News Looks Inside 'Sarah Palin's Alaska'

ABC News' The Note has written quite a bit about tonight's show and mentions some of the upcoming shows. Of tonight's show, the column wrote: " ... Palin seems to relish not just the hunt itself, but the political language surrounding it. Her books are loaded with references to “organic sources of protein,” which is a long way of saying say “wild animal meat.” And while she alludes to the idea that the show is somehow controversial, it doesn’t seem that there has been a giant public outcry. Palin seems eager to pick a fight here, even if no one is fighting back." ... . [emphasis added]

That's right. Don't take the bait.

In his essay, "Palin by comparison," Michael L. Hays wrote, about dealing with Sarah Palin:

My advice begins and ends with a strategy mindful of her personality and her propensities: Avoid triggering her sense of grievance or her resentments. In any engagement, be respectful, attentive, undemonstrative, unresponsive. Discuss your views; disregard her views. Neither agree nor disagree with her; if necessary, rebut by indirection. Avoid criticism, even its appearance; ask no questions, seek no specifics, dispute no views.

If you fail, she will tailor her response to any confrontation, direct or indirect, to elicit the sympathy of her followers and possibly others.

Hays' advice is reminiscent of Joe Biden's strategy during the 2008 VP debate. It's goal was simple: Don't follow Sarah Palin down a rabbit hole. You can read about that on pages 406-7 of Game Change,

In a nutshell, Hays' advice is: ignore her.


nancydrewed said...

What Hays doesn't consider is that she has been ignored already, in the sense that her various personal fictions continue to go unreported by traditional media. To veer off into vetting and reporting on her takes them out of their comfort zones into her strange tabloid-family, Alaska gothic world. She mustn't be ignored. She must be examined seriously and fairly. Like other would-be political players always have been. Keeping the gloves off and playing by her new rules reveals the lingering sexism in this country. No male could possibly play (or would attempt to play) this game she's up to.

wes_ben said...

Every time I see the promo photo, I think of the show Green Acres. :)