Sunday, August 15, 2010

When will Mama Grizzly go into hibernation?

Bears hibernate, right? So, when can we expect Mama Grizzly, a.k.a. Sarah Palin, to go into hibernation? She needs the rest. We could use a break.

It turns out there is some debate as to whether grizzly bears actually hibernate. From Wikipedia's Grizzly Bear entry:

In preparation for winter, bears can gain approximately 400 lb (180 kg), during a period of
hyperphagia, before going into a state of false hibernation. The bear often waits for a substantial snowstorm before it enters its den, such behaviour lessening the chances that predators will be able to locate the den. The dens themselves are typically located at elevations above 6,000 feet on northern-facing slopes. There is some debate amongst professionals as to whether grizzly bears technically hibernate. Much of the debate revolves around body temperature and the ability of the bears to move around during hibernation on occasion. Grizzly bears have the ability to "partially" recycle their body wastes during this period. In some areas where food is plentiful year round, grizzly bears skip hibernation altogether.

Oh, no. Her food -- she thrives on attention -- hasn't been scarce this year, so Mama Grizzly may not need to hiberate! It's a disappointment, I know. Better luck next year?

The Wikipedia article contains a lot of information about ursus arctos horribilis (latin for horrible arctic bear); for example, its range used to extend into Mexico and the midwest, but is now limited, with the exception of Montana in the lower 48, to western Canada and Alaska.

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Joie Vouet said...

Stay home, Sarah!


When I say the post's picture, it occurred to me to ask whether she makes her wigs out of matted grizzly bear fur.