Friday, August 6, 2010

Sarah Palin Lacks Faith in Americans

Published: August 5, 2010

CHICAGO — Against a backdrop of American-made cars, President Obama cast his Republican critics on Thursday as having lost faith in the American people, part of an emerging campaign strategy to try to turn the country’s populist mood against his opponents

Visiting his third auto plant in the last week, Mr. Obama portrayed his efforts to save the industry as an act of patriotism, and the opposition to them as a fundamental expression of pessimism in the country. Even more than he did during a swing through Michigan last week, he suggested that his adversaries lacked confidence in the resilience of American workers and the American economy. ...

... The White House plans to make the auto bailout a prime talking point as Congressional elections approach. Ford, Chrysler and G.M. are all profitable again, the industry added 55,000 jobs over the last year and its exports were up 57 percent in the first four months of this year. The president’s speech was filled with appeals to American pride, with phrases like “made in America” and “being No. 1 again.” ...

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Anonymous said...

I will venture one step further. When Republicans and whatever Sarah Palin is at the moment (Tea Party, Republican, or totally inept human being), say "No" to health care reform, environmental and climate change legislation, safety standards for mines, money for the unemployed, investment in infrastructure or whatever positive assistance that can be given to our country at this time, then it is clear that they don't even like Americans.

The Republicans have become the elitists they decry because they no longer identify with the really important basic needs of Americans: safe food, safe water, safe air, good jobs with benefits, safe working environments, education for themselves and their children, decent retirement, and a shelter over their heads. They simply do not care to ensure that Americans have these basic needs met.

Sarah Palin exemplifies this elitist Republican celebrity-oriented mentality as she flies first class or in private jets, demands first class accommodations, refuses to pay property taxes unless caught, indulges repeatedly in plastic surgery because of her addiction to the spotlight and refuses to learn basic facts about the government and the world.

Palin's arrogance and willful ignorance is reflected in every Republican and many Tea Party leaders. Rand Paul didn't even complete his undergraduate studies or pass a legitimate board exam yet practices medicine. Boehner hates being in his own skin because he's doing everything he can to change its natural color and texture. Michelle Bachmann seems addicted to adrenaline produced by own crazed rants. Many of them suffer from delusions - Palin and Engle feel God has specifically chosen them as leaders (GW Bush claimed the same and it makes you wonder what meds these folks are on and how to get them off them.)

If only the Republicans and Tea Party folks would be less full of themselves and more filled with human compassion, our country might be able to pull itself together and move forward instead of being grabbed by its throat and pulled backward decades into a less enlightened, more hate-filled time. Give it up, folks, time marches on, Americans need and want better leaders than Palin, Bush, McCain, or whomever they can drag up out of the shadows. We want decent jobs and decent lives. We want the things Democrats are working and fighting to guarantee us.

Anonymous said...

Palin lacks a functioning brain and a compassion heart as do all the Republican and Tea Party leaders.

They seem to forget the basics: a good job, a good education, a decent place to live, clean water, air and safe food. They seem to forget that we need medical care we can afford, bridges that are safe, and a host of other things that we once took for granted.

President Obama and most of the Democrats know these things are necessary. They trust the average American to work hard and live by the rules. They want to ensure we have what we need to do so.