Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Palin Family Circus News - Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The NY Daily News has "Levi Johnston, ex-beau of Sarah Palin's daughter and mayoral hopeful campaigns at gun shop in Alaska:"

Levi Johnston is gunning for a win.

The former boyfriend and baby daddy of Sarah Palin's daughter made his first official stop on the campaign trail . . . at a gun shop, TMZ reported. ...

... And he wasted no time. The hunting loving, limelight seeking candidate stopped into Wasilla's Chimo Guns with a full camera crew over the weekend. He shook hands with customers and turned the visit into a photo op.

Johnston scoped out a few weapons of his own — including a $2,000 Weatherby Ultra Lightweight hunting rifle. In the end, he made no purchases. ...

Wasn't it guns and abortion that propelled Sarah Palin to victory in Wasilla? You know, it's interesting how some people win local races on issues that aren't decided locally.

Lisa Murkowski is going to wait until the votes are counted. If she loses and doesn't run without a major party's backing, then the seat could be picked-up by Democrats. Wouldn't that put egg on Sarah Palin's face? I agree with Gryphen's assessment that it was not Sarah Palin but Ballot Measure 2 that drove turnout. The Associated Press' Becky Bohrer wrote an interesting article about the race and came to a different conclusion.

Breaking News: Californians Aware is claiming that California State University, Stanislaus, has been ordered by a judge to release its contract with Sarah Palin and "any documents related to the use of university property or services during her visit." Palin spoke at the university in June.


Joie Vouet said...

Sarah Palin may have run on a local gun ordnance issue in Wasilla.

Levi might try running against some shadowy group wanting guns to be equipped with trigger locks or wanting trucks and snowmachines banned ... but he may be able to win on his own.

Anonymous said...

did you hear, BP is going to do Dancing with the stars...

Exclusive: Bristol Palin Is Coming to Dancing With the Stars - E ...
Plus the real story on previously rumored castings:David Hasselhoff, Audrina Patridge, The Situation, Brandy, Ali Fedotowsky and Kirstie Alley.