Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sarah Palin's Next-door Neighbor Is Controlling Her

Sarah Palin appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace and was asked how her summer was going with writer Joe McGinniss living next-door. She said, "We just avoid certain angles in the house and we avoid the front yard and we're doing a lot of things out and about around Alaska to have our summer fun and our outdoor recreation. Like Todd says, some people just need to get a life and bless his heart he needs to get a life."

Was Sarah referring to her husband, Todd, or to Joe McGinniss when she said that Todd said, "some people just need to get a life," and then said, "bless his heart he needs to get a life?" Does "his" and "he" refer to Todd Palin or to Joe McGinniss? Both? The Washington Post is running a story, "Palin: Next-door author changes way family lives," which says, "Sarah Palin says the best-selling author who moved into the house next door to her family while writing a book about her needs to get a life." Does that make it any clearer? Fox News makes its interpretation very clear, however, stating, "Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said her family's had to change its behavior ever since a writer working on a book about her moved in next door. She said writer Joe McGinniss needs to 'get a life.'"

A Politico story, "Palin blames media for unfavorable rating," has additional damning notes of Sarah's TeaVee appearance:
Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin blames her upside-down approval rating among independents on one of her favorite foils: the media.

Palin, who serves as a paid commentator for Fox News, said on "Fox News Sunday" that "if I believed everything I read or heard in the media, I wouldn't like me either." [me?]

Fox host Chris Wallace cited recent polling numbers from Quinnipiac University that showed 50 percent of independents viewed the former vice presidential GOP nominee in an unfavorable light. Just a third said they viewed her favorably.

"I've never committed to running for president for one and I know that polls are fickle so we won't even talk about the approval rating or the favorability," she responded.

"As for the unfavorable, you know, I don't blame people for not really knowing what it is, in some instances, what I stand for or what my record is," she continued. [We weren't going to talk about it?]

Asked about how her summer was proceeding with journalist Joe McGinniss living next to her, Palin acknowledged his presence has altered her family's behavior.

Later, I'll look for a video/transcript of Palin's TeaVee appearance.


Joie Vouet said...

Sarah Palin said, "I've never committed to running for president ... ."

Anonymous said...

Poor planning - they did not build the fence high enough

Ignorance - they don't know what window blinds can be used for

womanwithsardinecan said...

I hate to tell you, Sarah, but it is the people who DO know your record who are the biggest part of your unfavorable rating. Your fans are the ones who don't actually know your record. All they can repeat are your quaint sayings (commonsense conservatism, Obama bad, rill dill, drill baby drill, hockey mom, special needs). Sarah, you are incompetent, unethical, and lack staying power. THAT is your record. The "evil" media won't even cover your poor record. You are their meal ticket, but only as a tabloid celebrity. Look how boring Blago got once he became just another guy under endictment.

Anonymous said...

Alaska Dispatch had a video that clearly showed anybody could see everything going on at the Palin's from the lake, and she is close to the motel. They showed that you could see through her house with the big windows. They had a better view than the author had. She always does this, "why would anybody be interested in her?"

Joie Vouet said...

11:42, Here is the Alaska Dispatch video. Yes, anyone can row a boat right in front of the house. In winter, anyone can walk out on the ice.

Joie Vouet said...

Sarah also used a "handprompter" this morning. There is a Huffington Post story with video. There, you can see her lying, shamelessly arguing that allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire is a tax increase.

Anonymous said...

Poor ditz.

She has no credibility among people with brains, because they listen and read what she has to say. Which is basically nothing.
I know all I need to know about palin.
It was discovered during the last election.
Since then, she has quit the Governor's position in Alaska, left her family there too and made money, pandering to nitwits.
She has no ideas, no plans. She criticizes those who do not agree with her with hostility.
She mangles English and cannot speak coherently.

Nope, no problem with the media.
The problem is sarah doesn't have what it takes and Fox keeps putting her out there and letting her hang herself.

leu2500 said...

I would think filming her show has more of an impact, since she's been out of town this summer.

nswfm said...

If he were really controlling her, wouldn't she be saying LESS STUPID stuff? He's a writer, so surely he'd write better lines. Oh, maybe she's doing lines....

Hoo Haa said...

Does the full moon increase crime rates, crazy behavior, etc...?

No, if it did we would all be a species of lunatics controlled from outer space.

Does Sarah´s neighbor control her behavior?

Yes, by her own admission on National TV no less, Sarah is a lunatic controlled by her harmless neighbor.

Rassilon said...

Apparently the half of a deck Sarah plays with consists only of victim cards, I've yet to see her take responsibility for anything that comes out of her mouth.

Anyone recall that when she resigned she said [Paraphrasing] she was going to concentrate on working for Alaska and work with Special Needs Children?

The 2010 SO USA National Games have come and gone.... Did anyone hear so much of as a tweet from Mrs. Palin referring to them?

What has she has done in the past year [Books, speeches, Facebook screeching etc.] that has been anything other than self serving?

That in itself is not a surprise.

What is surprising [and very disappointing] is that some of our citizens are so uninformed that they would support having such a narcissistic, vacuous being in some elected capacity.

It is frightening to say the least