Sunday, August 8, 2010

A bird is about to bite the hand that feeds it

In Steve Almond's article at Salon, we're informed:

It’s not exactly a shocker that Sarah Palin loves to tweet. Indeed, Twitter seems to have been invented expressly for the former Alaska governor, a public figure whose prodigious need for attention is matched only by her microscopic attention span. ...

... Palin has every right — even an obligation, as a possible presidential candidate — to critique Obama’s positions on vital issues such as immigration. But her tweets don’t do that. On the contrary, they offer up talking points meant to shift the focus from an honest debate of policy to public recrimination. ...

Twitter, like Facebook, is ideal for Palin, because it's a one-way medium. Is it any wonder that it's a demagogue's preferred medium?

Sarah Palin will appear with Kate Gosselin in a special episode of "Sarah Palin's Alaska." Is that going to be any different than "My Alaska" or "Your Alaska?" The show is set for eight episodes, beginning November 18th on TLC. It will be interesting to see whether Gosselin can get along with Palin well enough to be Palin's running mate in 2012. Here is a Fox story about the show.

From an LA Times article: "We examined whether money given to a [California State University, Stanislaus] charitable foundation was handled appropriately, but found no violation of law," [California Attorney General] Brown said in a statement. "However, the foundation board has agreed to make changes to improve oversight of its funds."

The LA Times' article has a picture of Sarah Palin wearing a halo and monster pearls. The same picture, credited to Debbie Noda of The Modesto Bee, can be seen here. It was used in a post on June 26th, and is one of this blog's most downloaded pictures.

Speaking of The Modesto Bee, that paper published a story about the investigation, too, and their story may be more informative than the LA Times' story.

I am not sorry that there isn't more Palin news.


Joie Vouet said...

I know. I know. You can tweet back at her or leave a note on her Facebook, but they all go into what's known as a "bit bucket." YOUR WASTIN' YOU TIME.

Joie Vouet said...

Here's a YouTube preview of Sarah Palin's Alaska. It's 52 seconds of Sarah Palin narrating (and benefitting from a little voice coaching!) some old black & white footage.

Mary in San Antonio said...

I clicked on the link to the story in the Modesto Bee and was appalled at the comments on it. Why is it that the Palinbots AlWAYS have to try to turn it around and make it about President Obama, liberals, or in this case, Jerry Brown? The students, the congressman and the attorney general all had very real qualms about Palin speaking there. And why not? Why would a university pay someone who disdains education to speak at a fundraiser?

These commenters are people who probably don't even live there and are probably from the Toilet Bowl Aquatic Group (Sea of Pee). (Also, too, notice the initials of what my daughter has named the Sea of Pee-ers)

Joie Vouet said...

Mary, They may be like Sarah. People who think that if they're the loudest or get the last word in they have won an argument.

Your daughter's TBAG acronym is a good one. I came up with TeaVee, for Fox News.