Saturday, August 21, 2010

Interest in Sarah Palin: Flatline! Code Blue!!

So, how is Sarah Palin faring in Google's search? Is interest in her decreasing? Increasing? Here are three charts from Googles' search insights: the first is for the last ninety days; the second for the last year; and the third shows 2004 to the present. The chosen category was News/Current Events in the U.S.

Last 90 days:

Last 12 months:

2004 - Present:

The long-term trend isn't looking good, folks. There was a lot of interest when Palin was selected to be John McCain's running mate in 2008, then brief spikes of interest when she quit and did her book tour.

During the last twelve months, again, there was a lot of interest during the book tour, then a spike during January — Rahm Emanuel's use of retarded? — then another spike during February — "Family Guy?" — but since then Palin hasn't been as effective in generating interest. Could it be that people began to tire of her over a retarded controversy?

During the last ninety days, Palin has been able to generate some interest once each month, but has not been able to sustain the interest.

Each chart should have links to Google's search analytics. There you can see additional information, like the search terms that were popular. You can also see how interest is distributed geographically; the interest in Alaska is greatest.

Breaking News: A candidate for governor in Alaska has made an "I promise not to quit" pledge.


Joie Vouet said...

The charts are javascript scripts -- try mousing over one of them. They were difficult to embed, and may not always display -- timeout? Anyway, you can go directly to Google's search insgihts to see, for example, the 90-day chart, here. There you can also play with different categories, like "lifestyle" and "entertainment." You can also see the search terms, as well as other things.

sarah said...

Be fun if somebody with more money and time than most of us have could get a giant banner with the last chart on it and erect it on a houseboat and go sit in Lake whateveritis (sorry, forget the name) right in front of the Palin house.

You can probably guess I grew up in a big family and there was general harassment from one brother or another 24/7, all of which left me with a tendency to tease until somebody yells "uncle". I'd muchly enjoy a Palin "uncle" (not that I'm holding my breath).

cjumper said...

What a reassuring and succinct way to assess the situation! I had an optimistic theory that residents of the USA were not as interested in Palin as the press assumes we are. Thanks!

nswfm said...

The spike in June was likely caused by her black bra/thin white t-shirt boobs-travaganza, I'll bet.

snowbilly said...

This is a nice, original news post and very informative. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

What we are witnessing is like the residual, background radiation of a supernova. That happens with all "starbursts." Next up? Black Hole? Neutron Star?

To put it another way, we might say her rise was "meteoric." Meteors don't fare well either, over time.

Joie Vouet said...

And so it goes... has a post about the declining interest in Sarah's speeches: So, How's that Hopey-Speechy Evening Working out for ya, Sarah?

Anonymous said...

I just got back from a vacation, meaning cable and blog blackout. I saw national network news occasionally. SP really only exists on cable and blogs. She's never mentioned on the networks. I guess she comes up on late-night comedy shows. But no one I talked to brought her up except to briefly disparage her or roll their eyes.It was hard to believe she's actually considered a current "leading" politician.

Anonymous said...

He's dead, Jim.