Monday, August 23, 2010

Sarah Palin's shortsightedness

Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, being primaried by a tea partier endorsed by Sarah Palin, has made a cogent argument for another term:
Seniority actually means something in the Senate.
Joe Miller, her opponent, says of her:
"She has a very liberal voting record and that also reflects her views of government as being the answer to all ills," he said. "That kind of perspective isn't going to pull the nation from the course we're on."

But the Associated Press' Becky Bohrer writes:

Murkowski makes no apologies for her voting record, acknowledging that while she's not a guaranteed Republican vote, she votes "with Alaskans' interests 100 percent of the time."

Palin's endorsement of Miller is typical of the sort of throw-the-baby-out-with-the-bathwater thinking of Sarah Palin and ideologues like her. We see it in many of her other endorsements, and in her haste to score a point over an Islamic cultural center in New York, to the detriment of the war in Afghanistan, something she has supported in the past.


Joie Vouet said...

Murkowski's argument for incumbency is a very good one for candidates in the majority party. Minority party? The AP article does mention, however, that should the Republicans obtain a Senate majority, Murkowski would become chairman of a committee important to Alaska:

Lisa Murkowski ranks fifth in the Republican leadership and serves on the Appropriations and the Energy and Natural Resources committees, crucial for oil, gas and mineral-rich Alaska. If Republicans win control of the Senate in November, Murkowski would head the latter panel.

Anonymous said...

Once Miller is shown the exit out of Alaska tomorrow, I hope we can convince Sarah to follow him.

Notsecupp said...

Hey, don't wish her on us down in the lower 48! We didn't do anything to deserver her!

Anonymous said...

Alaska doesn't want her. The Lower 48 doesn't want her. I'm guessing that the world doesn't want her.

I say give her a one-way trip to her choice of any one of Jupiter's moons.

Anonymous said...

Quitter Queen does not know this word seniority.
She never stays at a job long enough to have any, because she quits!