Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Viewers Get Latest Episode of ‘Real Republicans of the Trail’

The New York Times' Allessandra Stanley writes:

Mitt Romney said he liked Herman Cain’s “chutzpah.” He laughed, mirthlessly, when Rick Perry accused him of lying about hiring undocumented workers in his home. And he really didn’t enjoy being interrupted. Mr. Romney put a hand on Mr. Perry’s arm, space invasion of the first kind, and said, “I’m speaking, I’m speaking, I’m speaking, I’m speaking.”

False praise, forced laughter, high dudgeon: All that was missing in Tuesday’s Republican showdown was someone tossing a glass of chardonnay across the set.

People keep saying the primary debates are like a reality show, as if disputes over tax plans and immigration were akin to elimination rounds on “Dancing With the Stars” or “The Amazing Race.”

But those are not the right kind of reality shows. The ones that Tuesday’s event mirrored revolve around casting, not competition. Debates showcase personality far more than policy positions. ...

It's an amusing, well written article and includes an eleven-picture slide show as well as a wrap-up video. Click the post's title to read the entire article at The New York Times.

The post's photo was taken in Las Vegas, where the debate occurred. It is cropped from one of the article's slideshow photos.

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