Sunday, October 2, 2011

Joe McGinniss talked about Sarah Palin and his book, "The Rogue," on "Canada AM"

Joe McGinniss was interviewed on CTV's "Canada AM." CTV Edmonton described what McGinniss said about Sarah Palin and his book during the interview. Here are the high points of CTV Edmonton's article:

  • "She sounds stupid and she is stupid, so that part is real," McGinnis told in an interview, when asked whether there's any truth to the old-fashioned, American values image that has been crafted for Palin.

  • "This folksy, family values kind of thing, it's just the opposite. She's not folksy, she's not warm, she's not personable, she's not just the girl next door. She's a vengeful, mean spirited, somewhat paranoid woman who's also a religious fanatic."

  • McGinnis said Palin, the former governor of Alaska and former mayor of Wasilla, still draws a lot of water in her home state, and many sources would only speak anonymously for fear of retribution.

    "A lot of people have said if you quote me by name at the very least I'm going to lose my job and it could get worse, look at the things she did to you, the things she said about you, and all you did was move in next door."

    While he admits this isn't ideal, he said he only used information he could corroborate with several sources and often had to weed through rumours and innuendo that simply didn't turn out to be true.

    As much as 80 per cent of the material he collected wasn't used because he was unable to meet that standard of corroboration, McGinnis said.

  • Palin has been ambiguous about whether she plans to throw her name in the hat for the Republican presidential nomination.

    McGinnis, however, said he believes Palin has decided against it.

CTV Edmonton's article is "Palin 'vengeful,' says author who moved in next door."

The complete "Canada AM" interview may be available in two parts, here and here; however, lately, the video hasn't been viewable -- a we-are-experiencing-technical-difficulties error occurs.

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Anonymous said...

Joe's book is a NY Times best seller coming in at #7 for Ebooks non fiction and #10 Hard Cover non fiction. I think all the Palin fanatics that expected Sarah to make her Presidential announcement by the end of September should have to go and purchase a copy of The Rogue. They really need to learn the truth since it should be painfully obvious by now that Palin has been lying to them for the past 3 years!!