Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sarah Palin vacillated between "glorious highs" and "troubling lows" -- VIDEO

Nicolle Wallace, author of the recently published novel "It's Classified," talked with ABC's Topline about "Tara," the Vice President in her novel. "Tara" was inspired by Sarah Palin. The first one-half of the video is about Palin, then on to Rick Perry, then back to Palin at the end, where Wallace explains why it was apparent to her that '08 was Palin's last rodeo.

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"Q&A with Sarah Palin's Chaperone" is an earlier post about Nicolle Wallace's book and contains a link to an earlier post with links to excerpts of the book and video of Wallace's statement about the inspiration for "Tara" on Rachel Maddow's show.

The post's video was found at "Nicolle Wallace: Palin ‘Incredibly Withdrawn’ as VP Candidate; Sparked Talk of Removal from Ticket."


Anonymous said...

I have zero respect for this woman. She is simply plugging her 'novel,' and using ennui about Palin to do it. I heard her on Fox calling Obama everything but a terrorist. I will never support her fiction.

Joie Vouet said...

0514: It would be nice to have a link.

Anonymous said...

Nicole Wallace is scum, no doubt, BUT it's a schadenfreude sundae with a cherry on top to watch her basically call Palin a nutbag on national TV.

That said, she, Schmidt and McCain should all be tried for treason for allowing this woman to stay on the ticket KNOWING that there'd be no way to get rid of her once elected, even if the chance of that was extremely slim.

Sorry Nicole, I won't buy your book, but thanks for your donation of another nail in Quitty's coffin!

nolaredhead said...

I can't understand why these interviewers don't just come right out and ASK the question we all want to know.

WHY didn't they speak up THEN knowing how mentally unstable she was?
Were they REALLY so desperate for McCain to win that they were willing to risk having her a heartbeat away from POTUS?

I mean, its all fine & dandy for Wallace to write this book NOW. But the fact that they were willing to flush the entire country down the toilet just to see McCreepy sworn in, means I'll never buy it.

However, that doesn't mean I don't get a kick out of some of the juicy details. It appeals to my secret mean girl

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much John McCain for this nightmare that you foisted upon the American public. You didn't even vet her. She got the biggest pass and you didn't even care. You are responsible for bringing this outrageously stupid, uneducated, mentally ill idiot and pathological liar to the American public. You have never apologized for this travesty called sarah palin. You are a fool.