Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hey! "Herb" Cain forgives Sarah Palin and explains that he isn't "iced milk," but "Black Walnut," a flavor with substance.

Herman -- "Herb" as Sarah Palin referred him several times recently on Greta Van Susteren's show -- Cain appears to be a gentleman and something of a wit. He has forgiven Sarah Palin for calling him "flavor of the week" and said that only his enemies call him "Herb."

From CNN:
Sarah Palin called Herman Cain the “flavor of the week” when he won a closely-watched straw poll in Florida, but the former Godfather's Pizza executive said Friday his particular flavor has substance.

“I happen to believe there’s iced milk, and then there’s Haagan-Daas Black Walnut,” Cain said on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno". “Substance, that’s the difference. I got the substance. I’m the Black Walnut. It lasts longer than a week.”

It was left to Jay Leno's viewers to decide who, if anyone, is "iced milk," and which of the Republican candidates (any of 'em? all of 'em?) don't have any substance. What might Sarah say? She might say, '"Herb" is nuts.' That follows from "Black Walnut," doesn't it? But then Cain's statement may confirm her belief that the Republican primaries are a "quasi-reality show" and that the 24/7 news cycle is a "fast movie." (See the previous post for the context of those statements made by Sarah Palin.) Whatever! ... "Herb" has proven that a news cycle can last longer than 24 hours.

'Cain also forgave the former Alaska governor for mistakenly calling him Herb Cain: I’m going to forgive her, doesn’t know that only my enemies call me Herb,” Cain said. “I’m going to forgive her this time."'

See CNN's "TRENDING: Cain: My flavor is Black Walnut."

I know. I know: Some say that the mainstream media isn't doing its job, but, on the other hand, some might consider whether the mainstream media is assuming that its audience is reasonably intelligent and doesn't want to be told what to think.

News can be made through comedy, and comedy can be subtler than the newspapers. Not to digress too far, but The Washington Post has been called "Pravda on the Potomac," a Cold War reference. Perhaps, some should learn to read between the lines. Sigh. Someday, I may post "How to read a newspaper."


Anonymous said...

How bout they are all a bunch of flaming assholes that couldn't led a girl scout troop.Works for me.

Anonymous said...

Corn Dogs, Black Walnut ice cream and Cocoapuffs-- the GOP is nothing but empty calories that are bad for you and make your teeth ache.

Anonymous said...

Sarah's moose is cooked.

Anonymous said...

To clarify, San Francisco's writer was Herb Caen, not Cain.

Anonymous said...

To further clarify, Herb Caen's column in the Chronicle was not named anything other than 'Herb Caen'. 'Baghdad by the Bay' was the name of a book of essays he wrote.

Sheesh (who grew up reading Mr. Caen)

Joie Vouet said...

Sheesh, I have deleted the reference to the real Herb Cain because it's unnecessary.