Monday, October 10, 2011

Sarah wouldn't talk to "Larry the Cable Guy" without her makeup

Larry the Cable Guy crashed Sarah's house and talked to Todd. Sarah came out, hiding her face, to tell him she'd leave a note on his van. Larry says he saw the house where "that guy" moved in to spy on the Palins. Larry then went to see Sarah's parents where he was shown maps that prove that Russia can be seen from Alaska. Oh my!


Anonymous said...

"the river" he refers to is the Bering Sea and the islands are about 9 miles apart (Big and Little Diomede Islands)

Anonymous said...

My wife Sarah is one old ugly wrinkly looking bitch without her make up or nylons on. You remember that fucked up SarahPac paid vacation picture in Hawaii when she was wearing that McCain visor with his name blacked out? Yup that piece of dried up shit was my wife without make up on.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Todd!

Stop by and say hello to Vinny while you're in New York.

-- Mona

Anonymous said...

Hey! We can all get some foreign policy experience at Russia, as seen from Alaska: Ten views, including one through a living room window and another from a front porch.