Sunday, July 11, 2010

SarahPAC Eats Palinbots' Lunches

Here, we see Sarah Palin laughing maniacally. An aide has just informed her that some poor sap has given his lunch money to SarahPAC.

SarahPAC has filed a quarterly report for the period beginning April 1, 2010 and ending June 30, 2010.

The PAC received $865815.42 (line 6(c)) and disbursed $742334.31 (line 7). $82500 was disbursed to to Federal Candidates/Committees and Other Political Committees (line 23), so Federal Candidates/Committees and Other Political Committees received about 9.5% of monies contributed to the PAC, or about 11% of the PAC's disbursements. Whichever way you prefer to look at it (percentage of contributions or percentage of disbursements), only about 10% of the PAC's contributions went to work to help candidates/committees. That means that if you gave $100 to SarahPAC, only about $10 went to work to help candidates/committees.

SarahPAC appears to be an inefficient way to contribute to campaigns and/or committees; you might get more bang for your buck by contributing directly, and by doing so you could contribute to whomever you please.

It appears that if you contribute to SarahPAC, you are helping perpetuate the PAC and its close associates more than anything else.

The Associated Press has published a story written by Becky Bohrer, "FEC filing shows Palin gave $87500 to candidates." Her $87500 figure probably includes a $5000 item from line 29, "Other Disbursements." Ms. Bohrer has written about Palin before, recently in an article about the possibility of a 2012 Palin run for the presidency. At least part of that article was informed by Rebecca Mansour, "a consultant to her [Palin's] political action committee."


Anonymous said...

That leaves her with more than $1 million to help campaigns this fall, PAC treasurer Tim Crawford said.

"We're going to really help a lot of Republican candidates get a chance to win," he said. "And I'm glad we have the resources there for the governor to use."

My comment: yeah, at 10 cents on the dollar - whoopee!!

snowbilly said...

Sarah Palin may have told a reporter at the Time 100 event that she operates a business giving speeches. It would be interesting to know whether any of that business' expenses were picked-up by SarahPAC. Shouldn't they be expenses of the business?

It may have been Joe Klein she talked to at the Time 100 event. Someone else? If I remember correctly, her statement was made in response to a question about her speaking fee.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, on the other hand, was happy to be in a room with so many reporters — particularly Time's Joe Klein, of whom she is a fan — so she could set the record straight. "I did talk to a couple of reporters already and said that a bunch of stuff that they write is bogus, but we had a great conversation about it and we agreed to disagree on a lot of things," she said. "One thing we can all agree on, though, is how much we respect and want to protect the freedom of the press and we have that in common, so at the end of the day, I think as long as we’re protecting that and not abusing the right — we have to be writing truth — then we’ll get along just fine tonight." Particularly, she wanted to clear up "the bogus reports about how much money I supposedly make," she said. "I have a business. I run a business with my speaker’s fee."

snowbilly said...

New York Magazine's Sarah Palin Confronted Reporters at Time 100.

Thanks, anonymous.

Joie Vouet said...

Welcome back, snowbilius.

lexcade said...

my problem with her "freedom of the press" thing is that she only wants to respect and protect that freedom when it benefits her. otherwise, i'm sure she meant freedom FROM the press.

this lady makes me physically ill. she doesn't even care that people are starting to see through her charade. she just goes on because she knows that some poor idiot sap is going to donate half of his life savings directly to her purse.

snowbilly said...

Thanks, J. I'm super busy at work, so won't be posting much. You've been doing some great things. I cribbed the picture and its caption from one of your post's for this post.


Thanks Anonymous, here is a clickable link to The HuffPo article. It appears to be Becky Bohrer's AP story.


Gryphen has a post about the report, too.

nswfm said...

Snowbilly, congratulations on your new job. Re the Grifter Gov, you have her shtick nailed---10 cents on the dollar---such a great financial manager.

snowbilly said...

I've changed the title!

There are some interesting things in the report, so I'll do a roundup on that sometime this week.

nswfm said...

Here's another perspective:

Not a good thought in the context of the Wasilla rumor on Progressive AK, saying she's going to announce her candidacy at the Reagan Library on his 100th birthday.