Friday, July 23, 2010

Kate Gosselin Being Considered As Palin's Running Mate

Here, we see Kate Gosselin arriving for a meeting with Sarah Palin. The planet's buzzing with rumors that Palin is about to give Gosselin the VP nod.

Officially, it's just a coincidence that Gosselin has been seen in Alaska while Palin is filming her own reality show there, and it's just a coincidence that they're both TLC properties, but no one is denying that Gosselin would bring a lot to the ticket.

As Palin's children age, they will become less effective with the press. It's thought that Gosselin's brood, being younger, could prolong a Palin administration's good relations with the press.

So far, the lamestream media hasn't caught on and is only reporting that Palin and Gosselin will appear on each other's show. They say that Gosselin's children are going to learn some science from Palin's father, Chuck Heath, when they appear on Palin's show. There is no word yet about what Palin, possibly accompanied by her children, will do on Gosselin's show.

Here are the lamestream media reports from: ABC News, NY Daily News, and The Washington Post. As usual, they don't have the full story.


Joie Vouet said...

The kids' antics should be good press for at least 4 years, right?

Anonymous said...

It could just be a picture of Kate taking the kids to Sarah's class. You can see her on the right, waiting for them to arrive.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Palin can teach Kate how to get her daughters to get pregnant at 17 so they can have their own reality shows. Palin has Willow and Piper who can start their own baby making business soon. Willow might just be overdue for her first baby. Piper is still a little young. Hopefully Bristol will have a girl this time so there will be a baby making business to continue for the next generation.

Joe the plumber must be livid.

Joie Vouet said...

Anonymous 1:56, I see what you're saying. It could be, too, that Sarah's only in the classroom for show ... maybe to help her Dad?


That's too evil, Anonymous 2:16. Why, there would never be any real news reported, if they ran a baby-making-school show! And, besides -- LoLz -- everyone already knows how babies are made, right?

rj said...

Andrew Sullivan on Palin's claim that she was edited to make her look ridiculous .. "So here's my request: both the full NBC CBS Couric interview and the full ABC Gibson interview should be placed on the web - without any editing at all - so we can judge this latest lie on its merits. My sense from media sources is that the interviews were selectively edited - to avoid making Palin look like a total fool. But I don't know.Transparency please. Release the full tapes. Let's all have a good long laugh at this farce being propped up by cynics and cowards and fanatics."

Andrew Sullivan, thanks to 0>w/hole>1.

Joie Vouet said...

Levi to do a music video!


Thanks for the links, rj. At one time Katie Couric may have said that without editing Sarah would have looked worse during the interview(?) She was obviously glancing down at her talking points during both interviews.

Handprompter hadn't yet been invented in 2008. She might have gestured with her hands while talking and been able to be less obvious, if they had been available then.

"Darn! Why didn't Dad teach me about handprompters sooner?" - Sarah Palin's thought for the day.

Anonymous said...

It is awful obvious from the description of her prep the morning of the Couric interview that she was in no condition for an interview, so my money is on the unedited tapes showing something worse. A lot worse.

Elizabeth said...

I think the unedited tapes is a fantastic idea! I won't shut her up, but it give the rest of us a better look.

Joie Vouet said...

Greatest YouTube video EVER!


I'm off to work ...

Elizabeth said...

I vote for Octomom for Secretary of State. That ought to keep the stories coming. :-)

Anonymous said...

It's obvious to me. Kate will teach Palin some dance moves, and Palin will teach the 8 how to swallow a whole crunch wrap, sideways.

Joie Vouet said...

OzMom e-mailed an interesting question ...


Tried to post a comment but 'Atom Comments' seems to hate me today so I thought I'd put this queston to you here:

The photo of Kate and her kids walking up to 'Sarah's Classroom"... why does the door and brick wall Sarah is standing behind and against open onto the middle of a parking space?

Just curious

The picture is from this ABC News story. At the ABC site it looks like the first frame of a video, but isn't.

It looks as though someone had some fun with Photoshop. The picture looks like a composite of two pictures ... one with Kate+8 (most of them, anyway, walking in a parking lot) and the other a picture (half of her, anyway) of Sarah standing near a door.

It does look like the kids are going to school. Is sarah standing behind the door waiting to scare them as they walk in the classroom?

The picture's from an ABC News/Entertainment site, so they're allowed to express themselves creatively, I suppose.

Joie Vouet said...

Perhaps there is a growing awareness on the part of the press that they've taken Sarah Palin too seriously. It could be time for some fun.